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5th Year After 9/11 + Fashion Week

August 11, 2006 at 11:30 am by Designer Ella

This year holds the 5th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks (in one month, actually). Not only is it a dangerous time anyway, but it’s been made clear that plans were made to strike around this time. Are there more plans waiting?

Now the thing is, Fashion Week Spring 2007 in New York City is September 8th through 15th.

Is New York safe for the designers, models, editors and even now … bloggers(!)?

Are you worried? As a blogger, if you were invited, would you go to New York Fashion Week in the Fall, especially on a big anniversary of September 11th?

New York Style Week is coming to an in-depth and upcoming trends take all of our minds. But let's not pretend, can any of us really pay the looks we just noticed coming down the catwalk? Not likely. But don't get discouraged!

Dairy especially dairy contains igf1 des peptide factor (IGF, a growth hormone), estrogen in addition to progesterone and so consuming it can throw your body's natural hormone levels from balance.

Cow's milk will be packed full of growth hormones that will promote cell division, in fact, it is designed to nourish calves by means of their most significant growth yrs and give then about three hundred percent growth within a season!

Kanye West remained in Paris, where Kim still left him to enjoy fashion week because she jetted home just before embarking on her journey in order to Africa. While home, Betty accentuated her growing infant bump but kept this covered all at once by wearing the snug black outfit using a sleek camel trench, anchored subtly across her slightly-enlarged tummy. Sky-high heels finished the look; careful, Kim! It could be time to take it down a good inch or two. We are going to sure Kanye will accept!

I know, when my female friends ask me where should I buy my shoes, 90% of the time, I lie. Who would like to look like someone else? Now head out there and shop plus take your girlfriends with you- Lauralohr.


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Organizing la Carnivale de Couture

August 10, 2006 at 5:48 pm by Designer Ella

I had been awaiting the announcement from Manolo, I even failed to post other things while waiting because this post is most important! While Manolo vacations this summer, through August, I am organizing the Carnivale of Couture with help from The Bargain Queen and Ask Mom (a ShoeBlogs commenter).

The next Carnivale of Couture topic will be on <3 Life, <3 Style at! Her topic is up and it is

Have you ever worn or not worn a certain something that was probably not the smartest thing to do but you did it anyway because of the sake of fashion? Or being horribly embarrassed? You did something fashion-associated that probably wasn’t practical and was punished in some way [suffering consequences by be it Mother Nature, or something or someone else]. Tell me your story!

Visit <3 Life <3 Style to participate and read more.

It’s a great topic! And if you need a little extra time (past this Sunday), she will extend a deadline for the latecomers. Check the host’s blog for updates on that. The entries are scheduled to be compiled each Monday, but this first week has been tough, so we give allowances. It’s all understandable, right?

Here is the schedule through the next few weeks! Check these blogs, or here, for the topic during the week before the due date!

due by Aug 21 -
due by Aug 28 -
due by Sep 04 -
due by Sep 11 -
due by Sep 18 -

(The entries are usually posted on Monday mornings, as I have observed, so yours should be e-mailed in by the Sunday night before that date.)

Yes, it’s great news: I have booked midway through September! But if you want to host after these lovely blogs, I can add you. Contact me (at designerella at kissmestace dot com) as long as it’s before Manolo is back in September. (Make sure to include the word Carnivale in your e-mail and it won’t be missed!)

And if you are wondering how it works, or have doubts about hosting, visit The Bargain Queen’s tutorial on hosting!

I will be sending out an e-mail to the old list, frequent participators, and newly inclusion-requested ASAP. If you want to be on the new update list for la Carnivale, comment here (best way to ensure I see every one and quickly).

I think that’s it for now! Keep checking here as the headquarters, currently, for Carnivale topics and updates!

Big thanks to The Bargain Queen and Ask Mom, who are both doing so much!


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AOL Promotes Ronald McDonald Shoes

August 9, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

AOL likes to rotate this ad for their shopping pages.

AOL Shopping Ad

Why?!! Oh why??! Why do they endorse bright, shiny red rain clogs?!

And oh my gosh! This person has tight yellow rain slicker pants tucked into them?!

Most people, go with red flats. For the divas, go with red pumps. If red truly is your color (not everyone!) get a faaaaaaaab dress!

And for the rain, or ever, never clogs.


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Heavy Load? Light on Style

August 7, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

“You’re not fat, you just look like you are.” Is that what you want to hear? No. Then stay away from cargo shorts. Cargo ShortsEspecially ones like these oversized and faded shorts, via Nordstrom, that might make people think, “Heyy, fatty!”

Also, never actually put things in those pockets. Yes, they’re ugly and uselesss unless far uglier.

Ii, that’s practically math or science or something that hurts my head. It’s not like beauty is simple, either, it takes a lot for people to learn the rules. But knowing attraction is pleasing to the eye, and isn’t it more fun and rewarding for the mind?

Say “Byyee, Fatty!” and stick to classic silhouettes.


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A death in the family

August 1, 2006 at 4:52 pm by Designer Ella

Tasha German Shepherd Dog at 13 just before she passed awayA member of my family: a pet of my family, actually of my cousin “LaLa MaMa,” just passed away. We are/were all very close.

I’m probably not going to post on Kiss Me, Stace for the rest of the week. I should take it easy and be there for my family, but I still need to keep up with business aspects. (I’ll try my best.)

You’ll notice posts from me on Pursed Lips all week, as I got very [a bit too much] purse-posty last Friday. I was generally purse-obsessed last week, but priorities have been knocked into me for the time being, and I don’t care as much about those things right now.

In honour of Tasha, LaLa will post something very special on Pet, Pet (our pet product blog) whenever she feels that she can tackle such a special project.


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In/Out Fall 2006

July 28, 2006 at 12:25 pm by Designer Ella

In accessories for Fall 2006

– Out: Orange, streaky Fake Bakes.
– IN: Sunless and natural (if light) skin.

– Out: High platforms and stilettos.
– IN: Stacked heels a la Marc Jacobs.

– Out: Belts through loops, to think!
– IN: High-waisted, wide belts.

– Out: Naturals fabric bags (straw).
– IN: Animal print bags.

– Out: Embossed leather bags.
– IN: Quilted leather.

– Out: Loong out, since we were kids: Fake patent leather.
– IN: Patent leather (do you know how nice it feels, too?).

– Out: Boring, utilitarian boots.
– IN: Boots with wraps of leather and buckles.

– Out: Brights.
– IN: Black.

Disclaimer: This is just for fun.


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Coach’s ‘IT’ Boot

July 27, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

I love these new “Meredith” boots by Coach! I saw them in my catalog long before they finally got in stock, and they really must be seen as large as that full page.

Coach Meredith Boots

They have embossed C Signature on the vachetta leather shaft. It looks so great. The buckles are hot too (and a bit Chloé, but not completely, as they’re of the new Coach “Legacy” style). Add in the thicker stacked heel and they’ve hit the trend mark!

The only thing that’s keeping these from being truly IT is that they’re not a more coveted brand than Coach. If they were, that subtle signature, quality and style would be in high, high demand. Well, at $498, they’re certainly not low end.

I say, give these boots a chance to steal your heart. You know I’m in love.


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Why Women Love Fashion: Back to Eve?

July 26, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

Do you ever wonder why you or your female partner are/is so consumed with fashion and style?

The idea struck me: It could go back to Eve.

Eve paintingWe could pretend she existed, or we could take real life analogies from her story. After all, the Bible and Christianity have oppressed people/women from the beginning, and continue to do so today.

But in the story of Eve (forget Adam, I say), she is naked. Covered by leaves and hair, for she was too sexy. She was naughty. She was evil and a temptress. She must be put in her place.

Maybe we now use clothes to differentiate ourselves, we flatter our bodies, we accessorize with personal favorites. We are in control.

We are still driving men crazy and apparel and shopping will always confuse and tease men. Keep it up, women.


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Ella’s Ensembles I

July 26, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

As I mentioned earlier when I tip-toed into the territory, I’d like to start featuring special outfits from certain days of outings. I did this along with my 4th of July post, but this entry’s dedicated to just an ensemble from this past weekend.

First, I’d like to make a note that this top is very hard to put on, with its underlayer of a tank, it gets all contorted. It could actually be a better candidate for last week’s Carnivale. Que Será!

Ella's Outfit

Ruched top with sequin trim: DKNY Jeans
Lace-top camisole: Arden B
Cropped tweed jacket: Parameter (from
Bias-striped black skirt: Gap
Black sandals: Easy Spirit
Metallic Croc-Embossed Pocket Bag: Liz Claiborne Leather (bought at outlet in FL)
Necklace: Old, from my mums. I always wear it with this top because they really go well.

Entry continued, read more »


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Where’s Manolo?

July 25, 2006 at 7:55 pm by Designer Ella

Manolo the Shoeblogger’s (and also has disappeared from its host (or might have been replaced by some script). The Manolo’s e-mail is also bouncing back. Is the blog moving? (Does he have time in his vaca to switch hosts?) This is very concerning.

This is after Manolo said he will be too busy traveling to run the Carnivale of Couture. He mentioned in a post that he might like someone to take over until his return, and I was first (and only as far as I know) to reply in comment that I would love to. But … now what?

I think Manolo should come back soon, after all, he’s the beloved shoeblogger. Are you worried? What do you think is happening?


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