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Archive for the 'Walk of Shame' Category

Dooce and the Mr.’s Clog Wars

June 26, 2006 at 11:38 am by Designer Ella

Dooce and Mr. Dooce, aka Heather and Jon Armstrong (the male form being from Blurbomat), have engaged in The War of the Clogs.

No CrocsIt’s more lighthearted than the prickly one of Roses, but to me—and probably to Heather—it’s serious. The Clog Wars is a battle to rid hubby’s feet (and apparently Doggie Armstrong’s [also see him in pink sandals]) of Crocs brand clogs.

It started on June 20th, with the last fight ending in blood (and great cinematography!).

Is it yet over??? Will Heather rid Jon of his nasty footwear habits??? Well, the fashion bloggers have started to petition on her side. My comment to Jon, who said this,

It was a hard fought battle, a battle for freedom and dignity.

There is no dignity when Crocs clogs are on the feet!

Footnote: Oww, I need to find a blogger husband. Although I wouldn’t make it to minute 2 of the first date if he wore Crocs. Snobby me! I would like an aesthetic-minded blogger nerd with classically refined taste.


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The Worst Shoe I’ve Ever Seen

June 23, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Louis Vuitton ad

I’m not going to discuss the marketing, photography or model Daria with this Louis Vuitton ad. No, just that horrid shoe. That cannot be wearable—it would kill! Arch support? How about no arch!

*via: Fashionologie*


Chunky Heels on Jenny McCarthy, Why Not?

June 20, 2006 at 12:06 pm by Designer Ella

Jenny McCarthy

The pair of platforms on Jenny McCarthy here are have chunky heels, and I think it creates an odd silhouette for her foot.

She has a high, high arch and there’s an overall statue feel (as opposed to statuesque). It completely reminds me of the seventies.

In light of our current poll (and even our first poll), I’ll just ask you what you think of this, instead of bad-mouthing it completely.


Remind Trinny What Not to Wear

June 12, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Trinny WoodallThis is Trinny Woodall, of BBC’s What Not to Wear (which I believe can be caught on BBC America).

I don’t know the UK’s version of my What Not to Wear, but what kind of expert is she? Wearing a mixture of 70’s flower child, I Dream of Jeannie and prairie grandmother prostitute. “Attencion,” she says, for she is here … and odd.

This skinny star could wear anything, and apparently she’s using that gift for evil.

What I really want to say about this, though, is that my Stacy would never wear such trash. That is all.


Local Area Fashion Uniform

June 2, 2006 at 6:00 pm by Designer Ella

The inspired Rebecca of The Space Between My Peers (“ears” makes some sense, too, Manolo) posed this question for her Carnivale de Couture;

Suppose you stepped off a plane in your neighborhood, city, or country. Could you tell you were home by how people were dressed? Is there a Regional Casual Uniform? What do people (and you may narrow down to a specific segment of the population if you like) wear when they are going out during the day [and] going to be seen, but not needing to dress up?

Bealls Florida Sun dress
From Bealls; A Florida Department Store
In Boston and the suburbs, I don’t notice a typical style of dress; just accents. Is there a “casual uniform”? Thinking, I realize that many dress well. In a) the grocery store/pharmacy, b) college campus (aside from nursing students’ casual uniform: scrubs—*shudder*), and c) places for shopping/dining, I usually see a mixture of heels and fashionable attire with t-shirts, sneakers and some horrid unfortunate choices. Mostly it’s good. There is no casual uniform.

But in my second home; South Florida, boy is there a casual uniform! I’ve talked about this before: it’s perpetual summer. But worse than that, it’s perpetual beach. Anything, aside from actual swim wear, that one would associate with the beach—and very very casual beach—like the tees and printed shorts, one even sees at malls. (The mecca for all things fashionista here in MA.)

It’s frightening to me, and the reasons I justify moving there full time are 1) I can try to help as a cause (hee), 2) there’s still great shopping and 3) Boca Raton!


Petite Sizes Cut Off

May 31, 2006 at 1:00 pm by Designer Ella

Petite Classic JeansDo department stores no longer care about “the little people?”

Reported by The New York Times: Women’s petite sizes have been cut back or cut off entirely from big department stores, such as Neiman Marcus (or as The View ladies called it, “Needless Markup”), Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. (Even the all-petite size store, Petite Sophisticate, cut back and closed stores this year.)

As if in lockstep over the past year, Saks ceased selling petite sizes, Bloomingdale’s cut the space it devotes to petites by nearly half in some stores, and Neiman Marcus reduced the number of stores with petite departments by nearly half. Neiman Marcus now carries petite sizes in just eight of its 36 stores; as of the fall, it will stock them in just two.

Store reps claim that these clothes are not selling; that there is no market for them. How could that be when women’s limbs haven’t grown drastically over the last months? Short women like I am (at 4′11″ and that important 1/4) don’t suddenly want to go naked (as if we could).

As designer Dana Buchman said, “It’s not like American women suddenly got tall. I think it’s a mistake.”

The problem really lies with something I’ve noticed myself, and why I rarely buy petite, the clothing is designed for the elderly (often shrinking) woman, not the merely small. The designs are frumpy and conservative, and not in that trendy (lace-ruffles-and-sophistication) way, either.

Petite women, [Department store executives] said, would rather wear the more youthful, skin-baring and tighter-fitting clothing in the contemporary departments, even if it does not fit them as well.

Who wouldn’t want those styles? Meanwhile, store owners and designers see this style problem, and they don’t see the immediate, and correct, fix?

Entry continued, read more »


Video Killed the Fashion Star

May 28, 2006 at 1:27 pm by Designer Ella

That can-do girl from Fashion is a Verb is hosting le Carnivale this week, with the question:

What movie (/ music video / TV show) do you credit with being responsible for the biggest Fashion Don’ts? In other words- Which movie started off clothing trends that never should have been?

Madonna Like a Virgin video

My choice for a video is something I didn’t see much of the effects from, personally, being so young at the time (I don’t even know when this was, precisely). It’s Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” from the 80s.

Christine Taylor The Wedding Singer Holly SullivanI do know, thanks to The Wedding Singer and Christine Taylor as Holly Sullivan, that Madonna inspired exact clones. That’s pretty bad. (I can’t even get in to all the facets that make the look, but fortunately, this is not a current trend against which I need to make an argument.)

I do know a little more personally that those rubber bracelets really took off. Even for children, we had jelly bracelets, which were colourful. Mine were chunkier and filled with glitter—gosh, I loved those things. (They’re gone to my clothing archives of memory-only, now!)

At least this trend wasn’t something that stuck around or has come back, yet, unlike leg warmers.

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Old Navy Madras Plaid Ad

May 26, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

Old Navy Madras Ad

Old Navy Madras AdSometimes when we see a new ad, we instantly have a hunch about what company it’s for. This started for me years ago with Gap’s dancing campaign. Then came the inevitable Must-See-TV Old Navy Ads. Now there are those crazy, crazy Target ads (so fun, though!). But now we again have Old Navy … with the dancing Gap once had.

It’s fun to document Old Navy’s ads, which can also be crazy in their own way … because the fashion is often … okay not to my liking.

The newest ad is for a plaid called Madras (you can view the ad through that link; shop women through this link), it’s quite a flannel-print plaid. The way they’ve done it, it looks like a bunch of homeless, but pretty, people running around.

(And more skinny legs; the main model looks like she can’t support herself on those.)

For some examples of more fashion … not to my liking, look below.

Entry continued, read more »


Why I Hate Fashion

May 11, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

I love fashion, like many girls women, I’m addicted to it. But fashion–as a business, in practice, and when merged with society–is evil. Billionaires make expensive marketing campaigns to get us to buy more. The trend cycle is created to lure us into an ever-purchasing loop. Clothes are made for models; models are here to make us feel bad; and models were not created normal (and magazine images don’t even depict human bodies, it’s all airbrushed)–yet they get free clothes, and what do we get? We’re stuck addicted to shopping that makes us feel fat and often we wear clothes that still don’t fit right. It’s considered a feat when a company recognizes different body types. We have the big and tall, just barely, and some things are still not seen–such as wide and small.

Money Money Money

From there, things get really evil. Entry continued, read more »

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Introducing … Shortalls???!!!

May 7, 2006 at 2:00 pm by Designer Ella

Guess Denim ShortallsYou’ve got to be kidding me? Guess has fashioned a denim shortall—an overall .. of shorts.

I suppose the company really is taking shots in the dark. Well, women don’t dress with the lights out, and we don’t shop blindly (okay, we follow blind impulses, but that’s different). What do they expect? There was not an indication in the past ten years that this could catch on.

I suppose these have feminine—and updated—detailing, like the low scoop neck. But the low waist seems unflattering, and those long pockets definitely are. I even read there are back flap pockets. Wow, overalls are bulk-adding without all that.

And why am I discussing this as if it is serious? Well, it’s very scary! : I’m afraid it is


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