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Christian Louboutin

February 15, 2006 at 9:30 am by Designer Ella

Christian Louboutin Lace SandalI have never actually worn fabulous, expensive designer shoes, but when I have handfulls of cash, my first pair will be a Louboutin. Quoth the Bag Snob, “Christian Louboutin, the man with the red soles and the master at making sexy stilettos feel like cushiony slippers.” All Louboutin shoes have a signature red bottom; signature! Plus, some comfort?! Although, I’ll still go for around 2 inches.

The designs really range, and are quite trendy. But here is a ladylike, more classic pair, selling now at Bergdorf Goodman: the Strappy Lace Sandal. More lace than sandal, but plenty of strap, this shoe is elegant and luxe. Of course, it has a 4″ heel. Price? $560.

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Manolo Interruption

February 6, 2006 at 3:47 pm by Designer Ella

Manolo Blahnik Fretaba Leopard-Print PumpI interrupt your Fashion Week fantasies for our Monday Manolo. And this is nearly possibly the most perfect designer shoe of which to dream: a Manolo Blahnik Leopard Printed Hair-Calf Pump. Leopard is the ultimate in diva aspirations, and hair-calf is of what every luxe leopard shoe should be made. When a woman wears a shoe of this material in this print; she is noticed, and noticed for extravagance. It’s not tacky, it’s divine! Blahnik designed this vision perfectly, down to the slight toe-cleavage peep key-hole vamp. Can’t you envision the sensuality, feel the elation? The bow and modest heel make it my own fantasy; it’s just adorable. Is this another for displaying, though? I’d certainly love to take these out from time to time to play!

What do you think, what’s your dream?

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Manolo Blahnik Tiger Print Sandal

January 30, 2006 at 10:50 am by Designer Ella

Manolo Blahnik KulupuriRrarrr! This Manolo 3 1/2″ heeled sandal has a tiger print embossed onto oh, so textured stingray skin. If that weren’t bold enough, a buckled ankle strap is decorated with shiny stone accents, in colors and stripes reminding us of the Serengeti. Grrrr!

The woman able to strut it in this shoe is one diva, indeed. I’d like to see that animal, because I can’t believe this amazing shoe can translate into an actual wardrobe. Imagine the ultra fabulista woman?! Could it be you? for 815 dollars!


Sergio Rossi Green Python Cutaway

January 28, 2006 at 4:28 pm by Designer Ella

Sergio RossiThis Sergio Rossi heel’s dark green of the python skin is refreshing and subtle and just enough of just too much to handle (or afford). Add the “cutaway” shaping and matching silk bow, and we’ve got something all too divine for a womanly-woman to resist. Could you take these 9 cm (3.5 inches!!!!) d’Orsays out for a stroll, or just place them on an ever-eyed pedestal in your hall or on your wall of shoe fame?

Perhaps, you’d love them large-scale, in a history-documenting shoe-art book. Me, I’m filing them into this blog; an honored home, with me.

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Manic Monday Manolos

January 23, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

Today was a day of getting my final schedule in order for the Spring term. I have a little bit of stress, and therefore; bring on the Blahniks!

Manic Manolo MondaysI’ve been trying to keep up with posting Manolo Blahniks every Monday, for a while, now; toying with the idea of bringing the series of posts back. I had to stop because of my crazy life before, but now I get to take things easier. We never did get to finalize and pinpoint exactly what makes a Manolo what it is. But if the series continues, and we never even get to that, there’s more fun in it! Now we will have a Manolo Blahnik every Monday; thanks mostly to editing the timestamp of a post—I can write the entry at any point during the week!

On with the shoe!

Manolo Blahnik Lizard Haircalf SlideThis stunner of a slide, named the “Tailobo,” has strips of metallic lizard skin, with strips of animal printed hair-calf; meeting in the center with a cute little button. It’s trimmed in modest brown leather, for that earthy vibe. But it’s all uptown glam, complete on a 3″ heel, of course. This snazzy dream beaut is making women yearn at $595, of course, of course.

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Burberry Novacheck Pump

January 18, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

Burberry Novacheck PumpI just discovered how beautiful Burberry shoes can be. I have so many I want to share, but first are these Novacheck Pumps.

With serious work-sophistication, for perhaps the studious-lass or the sexy librarian, they really speak to me. They’re also in a style trendy for Spring, with chunkier heels. Somehow, the thicker heel trend doesn’t bother me, and I actually think that the new shoes with this feature are done in an on-purpose, quite cultivated way that speaks chic.

This pump is made of a signature check fabric with a thicker plaid of stunning, subtle muted tones. This check actually compliments the heel quite nicely. As a final touch to push the style over the edge of fabulous, there is a tan leather foldover strap on the vamp, which is so nice, because it has every appropriate appeal of a bow, while continuing the refined theme-look that Burberry fans love; it’s mature, classy and everything above.