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$10 x Millionaire Dream List

February 18, 2006 at 6:55 pm by Designer Ella

Bag o\' Money Illustration SketchThe I am Fashion girls are hosting the Carnivale of Couture, this week, with the topic:

Surprise, darling! You have just won the lottery! How will you, the super fabulous fashionable blogger, spend your US$10m winnings? Tell us all about your money-spending plan!!

Diddle-ee-oup! diddle-ee-oup!

  • Save!
  • Invest in personal interests, like Google and Disney.
  • Help my friends and family, support my mums.
  • A townhouse in my home town, a cottage on Cape Cod, and a condo in Boca Raton (and maybe the house nextdoor to my B.F.F.).
  • Buy a Passat or a hybrid for my mums. (We need a new car, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn to drive.)
  • Join the Disney Vacation Club.
  • Invest some money into this blogging network, get PR, a web coder, etc.
  • Start my own handbag design line. (I’m not going to go into details, or I’ll get too excited over a bunch of actually-broke, then get sad!)
  • Learn to sew.
  • Work toward branching out my designs into clothing and shoes, because while handbags are more of a passion, I really want to help the world by offering shorter length pants and wider calfed boots, et cetera. I want that higher purpose in life.
  • Give money to animal and nature organizations.
  • Personal trainer to get fit (to wear my new clothes).
  • Bags! Gucci Medium Boston Bag (Green/Logo), Gucci Guccissima, Gucci Hobo, Burberry Prorsum, Dior, Fendi Spy with Flowers, Chloé Washed Lizard Paddington, Chloé Paddington Hobo, Luella Suzy, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Fendi Chef, Bottega Veneta, Elliot Lucca woven leather, Isabella Fiore, Andrea Brueckner, an ostrich (embossed) bag, exotic & green, all-python bag, cashmere/knit, Brighton Straw Tote, Mary Frances, even Dooney & Bourke, and I’d have to get a Birkin or Kelly.
  • This company, Manolucci, will make custom handbags. If I can’t make my own handbag designs (or before I get that going) I’d get like … at least 10 of my own designs created. ;-)
  • A collection of Burberry London accessories in different colors/checks.
  • Manolo Blahnik basic cute kitten heels/mid heels and flats.
  • Christian Louboutin!
  • Complete my dream shoe list.
  • Marc Jacobs clothing. (And some Dior, Yves, and Oscar.)
  • Anything Rebecca Taylor and Nanette Lepore that I want.
  • Antik Denim dark wash jeans.
  • My signature The Limited “L” pocket jeans in black, dark and medium washes, and a rhinestone back pocket pair. (Yes, I am quite into showing off my sweet asset.)
  • Cashmere sweaters.
  • A bigger collection of blazers.
  • Tons of full and other skirts.
  • Little Black Dresses in different styles that suit my taste and body.
  • A green dress. (But not a real green dress, that’s cruel.)
  • More dresses! 50s, red, sweet heart neck …
  • A right-hand ring.
  • Complete my dream wardrobe and perfect the look I want to forge: feminine romantic & prim sophisticate slash nerd chic.
  • Get everything tailored for my petite body!

Have I blown too much away? Honestly, while feeling some freedom to spend on truly dream items, I would feel too afraid of using it up. (I think I’d even hand over control to my best friend, he’s all math and responsibility and practicality. And scary.) I would mostly try to secure a future and move into my dream home.

If you don’t have a blog, feel free to sound off in my comments. If you have a fashion blog, participate by contacting Barneys Girl and Harrods Girl!


Stranded: My Fashion Necessities

January 22, 2006 at 2:20 pm by Designer Ella

ShangriLaw asks, “if you were stranded at a life-long party on the ‘Island of Superfantasticness,’ what would be the fashion items you simply cannot live without?”

A lifelong party on a beautiful island, with my fellow fashion bloggers, and all the power and amenities of luxury, I assume?

This actually has an important, basic question of life, in there. If I were limited, in a limited situation, what apparel items would I need? I would mix the basic with the luxe, to create a wardrobe I could live with.

This can get “blah, blah,” but read on, it has tips and insight into my *devilish* shopping mind, as well as picking up for something special at the end!

Island Necessities

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Fashion Feel 2006

January 13, 2006 at 10:05 pm by Designer Ella

Like any fashionista or fashion writer, I get a sense of trends, what I feel is the flattering or “the look,” passion in fashion upcoming or of-the-moment. I also somehow find myself wearing or being drawn to trends somewhat before they “hit” (sometimes after, of course). No matter how I really just want to have my own style, I flow with the go, as well.

Here is my petite liste for the first months of 2006:

  1. We’ll continue to see sweat suits on celebrities. They wear them out of the house. (They must dress up so often, you see, they have a psychological compulsion to dress down while erranding.) Well, we are worn out—with our busyness and from seeing this so much. We just want to cuddle up in comfort with these duds–but remember to wear them around the house, instead of pajamas. Let this be the year of taking things one step up. We can be seen in these getting the mail, then put on khakis and a denim jacket or cotton blazer to grab a carton of juice, coffee, or DVD. But if you partake in wearing this if going out, try mismatching different pieces and ONLY, ALWAYS make sure they fit a bit snug.
  2. Long, super-straight hair will be most in, but slight, loose waves are even prettier. This year, we’ll go darker. I also have visions of long, high pony-tails atop pretty bang-adorned heads.
  3. Nine West - Edsela3 (Black Croco) - Women'sCroc is in and even more chic than last year. In the upcoming seasons, we will mix croc embossed leather with metallics, to refresh both trends. But for luxury, we must have snake skin and python. If you find an inexpensive snake embossed, consider yourself lucky, and consider buying.
  4. Big bags are still big! Don’t listen to any mentions of bags getting smaller. Take a look at fashion magazines, the ads with the biggest bags catch your eye the best, right? I’m seeing a big picture. After all, they fit so much!
  5. As hot and as gorgeous as last Fall’s peep-toes, is this Spring’s platform and chunkier heel combos. This must and will be done in serious moderation, although you will see drastic platform wedges. Stay away! To do a wedge, take a hint from last Autumn and pick something more sophisticated than a platform or the espadrille. In the spirit of ever-changing, espadrille’s will be back and bigger with flats. Oh, yes.
  6. High-waisted pants will be paired with cropped tops for the ultra retro glam appeal. But lay-stylistas be careful when applying this look, it is usually for the slimmer-thighed.
  7. Maggy London Baby-Doll Embroidered DressRed and navy blue, in bags, in anything.
  8. Colors will be more modest than Springs of past. We’ll have light fabrics, but less bright colors; instead, there will be muted deep-naturals and creams. Think mature.
  9. Cuts will take a hint, and we’ll see a lot of sophisticated vintage touched pieces. Like ruffles on blouses, Victorian tops, and pleated pencil skirts. As we can already buy in a few stores, they will come out of our closets in full force when the weather turns warmer.
  10. Good-bye Boho! Think sleeker, chicer, and more refined. Thank goodness.

    But we can still wear those empire-waisted tops, it’s oddly turning trendier, so much in fact that “babydoll” dresses are in. Anything loose, goddess-like and floating is already raging from runways and magazines. But take this slowly; remember that you can’t be a goddess without a womanly, curving shape.

    Unfortunately, the slightly more flattering (when done right) tunics are OUT, so say the experts (especially the fashionista-friendly, embellished ones). Poo poo, I say, why this fine line of no crossing? Perhaps, the chic, more fashionista-fabulous–less hippie ones are still in the clear. In fact, I’m saying it! wear those modern tunic-style blouses. But keep a discerning eye on that fashion line.

    And remember, the beautiful lines of your body should stand out. It’s great that this is turning out to look like the year of femininity, and skin-tight sexy is so passé, it’s actually getting through to even celebrities, but there really can be fitted and forgiving in one garment. Dressing your best takes a little bit of work, but looking gorgeous is worth a little restraint and control–no matter what the trend-o-meter pings at!

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Make An Outfit: Victorian Meets Western

January 13, 2006 at 6:20 pm by Designer Ella

Target Mossimo Victorian Sleeveless Top

Mossimo 2 Button Blazer - TargetPetite Preswick & Moore Suede Skirt

On Your Feet - Women's RanchoIndian Gypsy Flap Shoulder

In dressing yesterday, I discovered a whole, new should-be trend. Victorian laces and frills were once worn upon the plains of the ol’ west. Today, it is so on top of modern to wear a Victorian top with … cowboy boots! While nothing like this would inspire me to buy cowboy boots for myself, I do suggest those of you with a western flair to try this look of mixture, with a lacy, frilly top.

I’d pair a dark Victorian-inspired top with a tan blazer, fairly simple–yet elegant cowboy boots, and a subtly western bag—or just a simple, sturdy brown leather bag. The one I’ve shown here has nice details that are of the west—yet feminine. That detail, with the flattering lines of this blazer; with old-school romantic puffed shoulders, mixes it all in beautifully, with modern fashion and classic, semi-historical reminiscence.

How to do your bottom half? In a tan suede pencil knee-length skirt, of course! It’s both riche, rugged and classic. C’est perfect! A denim skirt is also suitable, as no other denim is present. Mixing one denim item really works here. A denim jacket would look great with brown slacks or corduroys, even. Yes, you can really mix this up: Jeans can be worn for the timid or in colder weather, as I don’t recommend daring to try bold tights. Sheer, blend-in tights can be tried by the fabulista who knows how to fit in those fine lines of just-enough.

Pull off this intelligence-test of an ensemble, and you’re fab, already!

For buying details: Read the rest of this entry »

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Fashion is the New Pink

January 1, 2006 at 2:36 pm by Designer Ella

The following is a magazine article assignment for a writing class. I received a 99% on it. I am really inspired to write more thought-out feature articles for the blog, too! Enjoy.

Fashion blogs booming in a once tech-driven World Wide Web, music waves broadcasting designer mania with a radio station’s “Pick Your Purse” contest, in all seasons of 2005, “fashion” is the new pink. It’s been a year since Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City craze over “pure poetry” dresses and Manolo Blahniks went off the air, but the nation’s interest in such subjects is growing by the minute.

The sell of apparel was the number 1 booster of the growing economy across our nation for November, 2005. “It Bags” (the most coveted designer handbags) sell out from stores in minutes and generate long waiting lists. These are not inexpensive items by any means, but the populous is buying them.

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Big eLUXURY Post-Holiday Deals

December 29, 2005 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

Sales can be exciting, like a department store offering that bag you’ve eyed from the beginning at over $100 off. But sometimes the marked-down selection can be small or disappointing—or barely a bargain. So I’m scouting out my favorites at the eLUXURY Post-Holiday Sale.

For handbags, it’s these two Marc Jacobs Collection Guinevere style bags. The Soft Calf Medium Guinevere is a satchel made of soft leather, in a divine teal, with a dark, matching suede flap, and refreshingly different push lock. Nearly a hidden secret, is a horizontal belt, cinching its gathered sides.

Marc Jacobs Guinevere Style Bags

Even more interesting and kicky, if relatively less of a bargain, is the collection’s Soft Calf Cosmetics Pouch. The drop-shaped flap is aligned on one side of the bag, and when the top is unzippered, the open clasp reveals funky hardware that really works it. In the same fine materials as the Guinevere Satchel, and at 7.5″ width and 2″ diameter, I’d definitely carry this as a clutch—but it still carries that high end price of $228. Le sigh.

Pucci Ankle Rain BootNow, the shoe section is where this gets really exciting for me. The Pucci Ankle Rain Boot, similar to the Pucci Printed Rain Boots I posted about in October, are on sale from $145 to $89!! A designer shoe (if rubber and for the rain) with a famous Pucci print is selling for under $100! Well, since I’ve been eyeing them for a discount for months, now. I scooped a pair right up.

There are a lot of gorgeous shoes on sale, although not for as little, and not in as many sizes as that boot (36, 37, 38, 39, 40). So, I’ll just encourage you to shop around for yourself. I hope you luck out!

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