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What Do Mothers Want? (Poll)

May 6, 2006 at 2:00 pm by Designer Ella

Coach Optic Signature Shoulder ToteWe product bloggers all pretty much have to write a post on telling readers what to get their dear mas for Mothers’ Day. But I just know my own mom. (Seems to always be Coach.) So, to aid me for years to come (hopefully). I’m asking you: what do you always want/like (as a mother) and what does your mom always ask for or greatly appreciate?

I want to get to the bottom of it, the heart of it. (No flowers or candy.)

Your turn!

Bloggers: this will help you, if you help spread notice of this post! Link to us, then you may freely use the ideas of our commenters.

(Pictured: Coach’s Optic Signature Shoulder Tote)


Killer Heels - When Good Fashion Goes So, So Bad

May 5, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

This is sort-of a reply to last week’s Carnivale, but although I’d love the exposure and hits, I didn’t feel right about participating, then, because I have an anti-answer.

When I wear a shoe and it wears me out, I discard it: I push it to the back of my closet, hoping for *a day when um, I won’t walk that much, yeah*.

But those days never seem to come.

Class to class (elevators!); sure, but it’s building to building. Then shopping. Or even errands. It always takes me some distance.

It’s like those expensive bags I buy, but never carry, because I’ll get flak for buying them. Oh, someday! I say I’m now keeping the python/red suede bag for Fall. I do looove the thing. (The python makes a butterfly pattern!) And the Dior saddle pouch—well, my mom might know it’s Dior. Sure, I’ll say it was a bargain on sale (but it’s relative). I’m just not sure.

It’s not pain, I’m a pansy about pain. It’s money. I have no concept of it. And it’s bags. The bags are killing me, and I’m begging them to let me.

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Pretty Enough for a Bride: Dior Romantique

May 1, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Dior Trotter Romantique Small Flap BagI have been planning my wedding recently, despite–or because of–all my dating hopes falling through. There’s also been the added aggravation and inspiration from my cousin’s wedding plans. Why not I? I say. I will have my day. (And don’t you forget it, Nans!)

So I come back (external blog from Pursed Lips) to see the lovely Dior Trotter Romantique bags as choices for my bridal handbag. They classically return, and hopefully will … when did my aunt mention something about when my big day would be … there was the word, “forever.” Hmm. Anyway, hopefully there will be a selection when I do get engaged. Of course, it would mean I’d need off-white details, perhaps a bow! And no sequins, but embroidery.

Dior Trotter Romantique Small ToteBelieve it or not, moi even doesn’t like the idea of tailoring my dress to a silly handbag dream. (Gasp!) I have separate dreams for a gown, and these handbag-inspired thoughts just cost more imaginary money. (And imaginary money is something most people do not have! Oh yes!)

But if I were to choose a Romantique bag as my bridal bag, wouldn’t it be this Small Tote—so I could have my flowers popping out of them? Oh yes. (And there would be a protective bag inside the bridal bag. Bien sûr!!!)

So, on I dream … while alone I sleep. (And curse those men!)

Bags available for purchase at eLUXURY.

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Earthy Merchandise

April 8, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Earth Day, April 22nd (and the coming-up Arbor Day, April 28th) is a time for change for such a caring fashionista as I. Can I get crunchy? Maybe not. Could I get preachy? You know it. But also, I can promote simpler, themed merchandise, and even perhaps, just maybe, catch it quickly; a plain canvas tote with simply a logo, depicting a positive message. Why not go all out, eh?

Whoa, hold back. Let’s go a little out, subtly.

Earth Day / Arbor Day Merchandise

Café Press, of course, offers all sorts of home-designed, artistic tees, etc. And they have a great supply of prints for this occasion, with a discount to celebrate the importance. After all, it’s the only occasion for such a tote as pictured.

“Earth Day, Every Day” is a great slogan for products to boast this month. Or a sticker or such to display all year. But earthy fashions, please, only on this day. Every day view, one day appearance.

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Adventures On Location in Luxury

March 29, 2006 at 6:01 pm by Designer Ella

While on vacation, I went to the finest malls and stores in South Florida. Oh, yes.

South Florida Malls

  • Burberry: First was the outlet, which had great prices. I’ll be back!
  • Burberry: The retail store had all of the new check-piping bags … and I saw my favorite Cinda!!!
  • COACH: The Factory Store had two bags I already bought on eBay (pebbled leather satchels) but they were more expensive there! I lucked out.
  • COACH: The retail store started their preferred customer sale that day, and I went to town (center) … actually, I went full on crazy. I preordered a bag at which I was lucky to sneak an early peak (and got a few small items) and I’m sure I spent over an hour there total comparing and analyzing the goods. My mums even bought a bag!
  • Louis Vuitton. Was scary. The workers wore suits … or were those security guards? I wasn’t brave enough to venture into the trés-by-a-million expensive store, this visit. BUT! I did spy those lovely new monogram Onatah suede bags! Squeal.

All this was at the Colonnade Outlets at Sawgrass Mills and the Town Center at Boca Raton.

It was a nice vacation and I did a couple other things beside visit malls. There was … one day I didn’t shop at all!!!


eBay Mix Ups

March 16, 2006 at 11:34 am by Designer Ella

Twice now I’ve received the wrong colored item from power sellers on eBay when I clearly cared about what color I got. It was always a shipping mistake in the hurry. Things were taken care of both times (and this time, I loved my pebbled leather satchel so much, I made a deal to buy both, hee hee). But there was one time I ordered a Pink iPod Mini and the seller had run out of the pinks. Sometimes eBay sellers put up listings faster than they can get shipments in. (I got my payment refunded and had to continue my hunt.)

There are many things to take away from this. First is that it can’t be avoided by the buyer, but you should be generously kind with your seller. Do double check every word in the listings, too. We should respect the hectic business of working full time on eBay. Then again, we should worry about laymen going professional in such a way. Have you ever received the wrong item from Cole Haan, say? Of course, any very busy service makes mistakes. I’ve probably had troubles with

Here’s a little lesson, if you don’t have the money, don’t get too attached to your wrong item. If you do, try to get a little deal! And if you really love your intended color, don’t give up and keep the wrong item without getting your replacement. Stick to your guns, use the listing as proof, and be polite.

Lastly, don’t keep both without paying! Ha ha, obviously. But not even for a little while. Ship as quickly as you’d expect in return. Hey, I know how hard it can be to get to the post office, etc. I suppose you should consider the ability to ship back quickly … with any online shopping. I know what a large pile of “returns” looks like. Not pretty. :-)