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FICA’s Fur Fashion Week Stirs Opinions

June 13, 2006 at 9:30 am by Designer Ella

FICA (Fur Information Council of America) is holding their Fur Fashion Week. Of course, I don’t care to cover the styles and I’ve already given my harshest opinion, but I’d like to cover something.

Fur Fashion Week FICA AlexandrosJulie of Almost Girl and a reader, Gloria, gave some very good points on Almost Girl’s comments:

Kathleen Fasanella pointed out that she dislikes the nonuse of the furry animal’s meat and Gloria agreed. Then Julie brought up a little known aspect of the fur business, “Actually as I learned today people do eat the meat of animals killed for fur, in fact sometimes it is even more ethical than just leather.”

Gloria argued,

It’s about the treatment they endure too- and who really eats the meat? Maybe the families that farm- but can they really eat hundreds of mink meat? Or genitally electrocuted [chinchilla] meats?

I agree with Gloria, and I disagree with a fur fashion week and the fur practice as a whole. There could possibly be a correct way to use pelts for apparel, but we don’t see it now. Will we ever? Do we want that, or should the fur trade end completely?

Fur-trimmed coat picture credit to Almost Girl.

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To Celebrate Surviving 6.6.6. - The Deviltrice?

June 7, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Hee hee. Who else couldn’t give a hoot about 666 aside from admiring its powers to scare off zealots? Yet who out of those got a little nervous (and felt like phoning her bestest friend for security) whenever the media mentioned Armageddon? It’s so silly to its core.

Anna Wintour devilI found this article on Anna Wintour: Satan? from Vintage Voice a little too late to celebrate the fun of the “holiday,” itself, but we can bask in the more silly notion of surviving 6.6.06.

It is a fascinating and educational read—albeit from a biased perspective.

I love—and hate—the part about angry write-ins reacting to a Vogue interview with Brad Johns:

… Enraged Letters to the Editor. Take the four or five published letters, each roundly condemning hair colorist Brad Johns. “Will someone hand Brad Johns a reality sandwich?” demanded one incensed punter, “incredibly offended” at Johns’s suggestion that patrons tip him “A nice, crisp $100 or $500 bill, presented to us elegantly, with a note.” … And how about those dreadful, rumpled $100s? Those go in the yucky wastebasket, with all the hair clippings!

Check it out for fun and think about how we are not truly past this world’s evils, whether they are poverty or the media’s force-feeding notion of beauty.

Now, what do you think about Anna Wintour?

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Sweet Marc Jacobs *Flared* Shorts (on Sale!)

June 6, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

Marc Jacobs Collection Flared ShortI love these feminine-flared Marc Jacobs Collection shorts, but I can’t imagine justifying even the sale price: $659 (from $1,100).

They also are not nearly practical for my body type (short and wide-ish, just like this item). Oh, dear.

Is this one of those “model” items? The public swoons and awes over the piece; the poetry, the uniqueness. It is a rare gem, thus deserving of its prestige. But then who wears it? The insanely perfect or rich and the models, of course. I think this is something meant to happen—a very large, purposeful circle. Is that right?

Or maybe H&M will make a pair like this. Now, I just need to get rid of my “wide-ish” problem. And the sewers need to make a cuff-less pair (cuffs are bad for short stature)—Geesh!


Why I will Never Wear all Designer

June 5, 2006 at 3:00 pm by Designer Ella

When I read fashion blogs that tell/claim/show personally owned items, or complete outfits, with crazy-expensive, IT designer names—I’m shocked with envy and a little disgusted with boasting such a lifestyle both to the poor blog readers and in spite of the impoverished state those Haves put society in.
Neiman Marcus - Diane vonFurstenberg
An item here or there is superb; it’s fabulous. But is it still luxury when there’s one piece in every ensemble? Big business and rich greed leave people hungry and cold, and New Money doesn’t know how to take care of it (like celebs with lavish excesses).

Yes, I can’t afford this now, and yes I do hope to someday—but I’m talking a Gucci bag once every few years, some Rebecca Taylor and Nanette Lepore, plenty of items between $100 and $200, and the occasional Marc Jacobs apparel item that I fall in love with.

Yes, my shoe shopping budget will upgrade to above $100, but that will be about quality. I really want to be comfortably and fabulously wealthy, but I don’t want to saturate my blog with such snobbitude—I want to remain a normal girl.

I just want to put it out there, now, that I plan to always look out for those without the means, even while now I still can’t seem to understanding forcing myself to live in mine.

(And maybe someday I can wear/carry more of the items I blog about on High Fashion High.)


Local Area Fashion Uniform

June 2, 2006 at 6:00 pm by Designer Ella

The inspired Rebecca of The Space Between My Peers (“ears” makes some sense, too, Manolo) posed this question for her Carnivale de Couture;

Suppose you stepped off a plane in your neighborhood, city, or country. Could you tell you were home by how people were dressed? Is there a Regional Casual Uniform? What do people (and you may narrow down to a specific segment of the population if you like) wear when they are going out during the day [and] going to be seen, but not needing to dress up?

Bealls Florida Sun dress
From Bealls; A Florida Department Store
In Boston and the suburbs, I don’t notice a typical style of dress; just accents. Is there a “casual uniform”? Thinking, I realize that many dress well. In a) the grocery store/pharmacy, b) college campus (aside from nursing students’ casual uniform: scrubs—*shudder*), and c) places for shopping/dining, I usually see a mixture of heels and fashionable attire with t-shirts, sneakers and some horrid unfortunate choices. Mostly it’s good. There is no casual uniform.

But in my second home; South Florida, boy is there a casual uniform! I’ve talked about this before: it’s perpetual summer. But worse than that, it’s perpetual beach. Anything, aside from actual swim wear, that one would associate with the beach—and very very casual beach—like the tees and printed shorts, one even sees at malls. (The mecca for all things fashionista here in MA.)

It’s frightening to me, and the reasons I justify moving there full time are 1) I can try to help as a cause (hee), 2) there’s still great shopping and 3) Boca Raton!


Mischa Barton for bebe

May 26, 2006 at 11:30 am by Designer Ella

Mischa Barton for bebe

I liked this photograph, I still like it, as art, as ad. But I don’t like it with that caption. The face of bebe is dead, like a wax statue? Does that mean something?

Entry continued, read more »


A Shopping Tip for Married Women

May 25, 2006 at 4:45 pm by Designer Ella

According to a study as posted on (subscription required), via Proportional Belief, men are less able to argue their monetary points—and will even dish out dough—when confronted with a scantily clad woman.

What does this mean?

Married women, worry no more about spending too much on your luxuries. Bring new handbags out of their shopping bags while wearing a bikini … point to eLUXURY while wearing his favorite lingerie…

Also, wear high heels during these times. It turns out, the more high heels, the better for married women’s financial issues with husbands!


What I Gave My Mum for Mother’s Day

May 15, 2006 at 7:00 am by Designer Ella

Since this blog is shopping related, I thought I’d share (past the date) what I gave my Mums for Mother’s Day…

  • Jewel’s new CD, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland (we both love Jewel, one “old” song on there was a big surprise)
  • I cleaned my room extensively!
  • I’m returning some items at Coach (present enough in her eyes) and am giving her a credit
  • I’m going to look into buying her a new wallet/wristlet when I go to Coach this week

Oh, it all doesn’t feel like enough!

I also am still working on a special poem for my Nans and a computer graphic to go along with it. She loves those things. (I even put together a special gift bag for my best friend’s Mumsies, but that’s a huge surprise.)

I’ll feel like I accomplished something nice when everyone has all of their gifts thankfully in their hands. :-)

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Never the Bride; Never the Bargain

May 14, 2006 at 6:00 pm by Designer Ella

For this week’s Carnivale of Couture, The Bargain Queen asks, “What is your best-ever bargain?”

I suppose I’m too dreamy about fashion, as I am with romance, to actually have such a great bargain. I’ve had average bargains (and a few horrid-value non-bargains) with some extreme overspending. Oh, there were bargains, but no great, great bargains.

Like I haven’t found that love. Like I am so picky and dream of so much. It’s odd that the greatest bargain I’ve found is one I could not buy: Entry continued, read more »

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Rain Boot Alternative: Sigerson Morrison Rubber Flat

May 12, 2006 at 10:24 am by Designer Ella

It is so gloomy here; forget Spring showers, this is like England weather (not even New England). I haven’t seen the sun in a week. Today is my first day of Summer vacation, and what do I have? I’m setting aside today for lots of blog work (although I need to go to the mall quite soon, oh yes), but you’d think I could get a little shine in the sky. Please? I’m having trouble getting going, after such a hopeful effort in waking.

And all the boots I’ve tried for rainy days are uncomfortable. Boo. All this has brought my mind back to the Sigerson Morrison Rubber Flats. They do look uncomfortable, but they have a fabric-lined footbed and a complete 5-star Zappos rating! These designer beauties are also on a terrific sale, with the kelly green color being the lowest at $73.95.

Perhaps if I bought these, they’d give me a little lift, and the whimsical style might brighten such days as these. (And they look just odd enough without going too far; they’re for the quirky style.)

And hey, at least in the rain, the greens on the ground and trees gleam with deeper color. And nature does need this.

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