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How to Get Celebrity Hair: Alba’s Waves

May 10, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Probably my Mum’s favorite person in the world (or just on t.v.), Nick Arrojo, hair stylist on What Not to Wear, gave tips to People Magazine on celebrity hair styles.

My favorite was Jessica Alba’s loose waves.

Jessica Alba wavy hair

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Carnivale de Fashion Confessions: part Deux

April 14, 2006 at 10:30 am by Designer Ella

Here are the late entries for my Carnivale de Couture. I will accept no more, except in full detail in comments, not on your blogs. Enjoy the last 2 of my blogging friends, but then my own will be posted shortly!

Here was my topic:

What is your fashion confession, either a long ago faux pas, or today’s guilty pleasure?

  • Jill Danyelle, of FiftyRX3, confessed that she intended to return that suede skirt—that how-can-I–when-can-I-wear item—but missed the return date. She also confessed she has purchased such items several times just this year. Ella says, “and?” lol, this is normal and sometimes fun. I hope you find enjoyment in these guilty pleasures!
  • Kiffen, from The Fashionable Kiffen, once died her fair brunette locks a Gothic black, which turned horrific against her even fairer skin tone. The process of returning a browner shade to her tresses took a long time, leaving her hair damaged. Ahh, we have learned to love our natural beauty, thus—this is a beautiful story, especially for the kiddies.

Haven’t these all been lovely stories? These bloggers tell their “darkest” tales so well that we could never put them down! Aren’t we nice, too?

This makes me feel ready to spill my own.


Star Style Resolution

January 14, 2006 at 5:43 pm by Designer Ella

The celebrities can’t quite seem to make the simple resolution to act classy and be a proper person. As for their appearances, I see in them that they can do better than flash and trash, but the ol’ publicity trick always wins over. Ladies and fellows, that is not acceptable. Greed leads to bad karma, and karma is in! and anyone can do it, perhaps even the stars.

Whether these pictures are new or old, random or hinting at true change, here are some iffy stars looking their darn best. I want to encourage them to keep it up for the new year. I also have predictions!

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Fashion Feel 2006

January 13, 2006 at 10:05 pm by Designer Ella

Like any fashionista or fashion writer, I get a sense of trends, what I feel is the flattering or “the look,” passion in fashion upcoming or of-the-moment. I also somehow find myself wearing or being drawn to trends somewhat before they “hit” (sometimes after, of course). No matter how I really just want to have my own style, I flow with the go, as well.

Here is my petite liste for the first months of 2006:

  1. We’ll continue to see sweat suits on celebrities. They wear them out of the house. (They must dress up so often, you see, they have a psychological compulsion to dress down while erranding.) Well, we are worn out—with our busyness and from seeing this so much. We just want to cuddle up in comfort with these duds–but remember to wear them around the house, instead of pajamas. Let this be the year of taking things one step up. We can be seen in these getting the mail, then put on khakis and a denim jacket or cotton blazer to grab a carton of juice, coffee, or DVD. But if you partake in wearing this if going out, try mismatching different pieces and ONLY, ALWAYS make sure they fit a bit snug.
  2. Long, super-straight hair will be most in, but slight, loose waves are even prettier. This year, we’ll go darker. I also have visions of long, high pony-tails atop pretty bang-adorned heads.
  3. Nine West - Edsela3 (Black Croco) - Women'sCroc is in and even more chic than last year. In the upcoming seasons, we will mix croc embossed leather with metallics, to refresh both trends. But for luxury, we must have snake skin and python. If you find an inexpensive snake embossed, consider yourself lucky, and consider buying.
  4. Big bags are still big! Don’t listen to any mentions of bags getting smaller. Take a look at fashion magazines, the ads with the biggest bags catch your eye the best, right? I’m seeing a big picture. After all, they fit so much!
  5. As hot and as gorgeous as last Fall’s peep-toes, is this Spring’s platform and chunkier heel combos. This must and will be done in serious moderation, although you will see drastic platform wedges. Stay away! To do a wedge, take a hint from last Autumn and pick something more sophisticated than a platform or the espadrille. In the spirit of ever-changing, espadrille’s will be back and bigger with flats. Oh, yes.
  6. High-waisted pants will be paired with cropped tops for the ultra retro glam appeal. But lay-stylistas be careful when applying this look, it is usually for the slimmer-thighed.
  7. Maggy London Baby-Doll Embroidered DressRed and navy blue, in bags, in anything.
  8. Colors will be more modest than Springs of past. We’ll have light fabrics, but less bright colors; instead, there will be muted deep-naturals and creams. Think mature.
  9. Cuts will take a hint, and we’ll see a lot of sophisticated vintage touched pieces. Like ruffles on blouses, Victorian tops, and pleated pencil skirts. As we can already buy in a few stores, they will come out of our closets in full force when the weather turns warmer.
  10. Good-bye Boho! Think sleeker, chicer, and more refined. Thank goodness.

    But we can still wear those empire-waisted tops, it’s oddly turning trendier, so much in fact that “babydoll” dresses are in. Anything loose, goddess-like and floating is already raging from runways and magazines. But take this slowly; remember that you can’t be a goddess without a womanly, curving shape.

    Unfortunately, the slightly more flattering (when done right) tunics are OUT, so say the experts (especially the fashionista-friendly, embellished ones). Poo poo, I say, why this fine line of no crossing? Perhaps, the chic, more fashionista-fabulous–less hippie ones are still in the clear. In fact, I’m saying it! wear those modern tunic-style blouses. But keep a discerning eye on that fashion line.

    And remember, the beautiful lines of your body should stand out. It’s great that this is turning out to look like the year of femininity, and skin-tight sexy is so passé, it’s actually getting through to even celebrities, but there really can be fitted and forgiving in one garment. Dressing your best takes a little bit of work, but looking gorgeous is worth a little restraint and control–no matter what the trend-o-meter pings at!

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Girly Tails

September 9, 2005 at 6:21 pm by Designer Ella

A quick lesson on fashion for everyday practicality:

When wearing your hair in a pony-tail, most importantly, even if you want ease and comfort, don’t be lazy! First, brush hair into place (a mid-high spot on the back of your head), then use a round brush to secure that all strands curve under as nicely as they can. This hair style should be a thing of beauty. You’re not throwing it up! Ughk!

Also very important to those who want to look good; you can be look glamorous or sophisticated!

- Always, always, pull measured strands of hair down in front of your face before securing the ‘do. This keeps your look feminine–never boyish. You can control how much or how little, (hopefully, if you have long hair).
- The best earrings to add (which is also important to look womanly) are mid-sized hoops (between a ring and a bracelet is the hoop earring’s perfect size, nothing hip-hop glamma). These earrings can raise the tail from sloppy to dressed up, and add a different, complimenting shape to the look.

(Of course, if you’re at the gym, skip or remove the earrings before changing into your ultra-cute sweats, and keep as much hair as you can out of your face.)

Done right, the pony-tail can make you look more beautiful for a date, or can be fancy enough for a special event.

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