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GO International’s New Designer: Tara Jarmon

May 5, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Go International Target Tara Jarmonicon

Target’s own Go: Internationalicon (who first premiered with Luella Bartley) has embarked on its next phase, with 2nd designer: Tara Jarmon. She takes off with my personal flights of fancy; her looks are soo française!: sophisticated, ultra-feminine, with ribbons and ruches! Oh, my!!


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Earthy Merchandise

April 8, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Earth Day, April 22nd (and the coming-up Arbor Day, April 28th) is a time for change for such a caring fashionista as I. Can I get crunchy? Maybe not. Could I get preachy? You know it. But also, I can promote simpler, themed merchandise, and even perhaps, just maybe, catch it quickly; a plain canvas tote with simply a logo, depicting a positive message. Why not go all out, eh?

Whoa, hold back. Let’s go a little out, subtly.

Earth Day / Arbor Day Merchandise

Café Press, of course, offers all sorts of home-designed, artistic tees, etc. And they have a great supply of prints for this occasion, with a discount to celebrate the importance. After all, it’s the only occasion for such a tote as pictured.

“Earth Day, Every Day” is a great slogan for products to boast this month. Or a sticker or such to display all year. But earthy fashions, please, only on this day. Every day view, one day appearance.

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Style Steal: Cropped Jacket

February 17, 2006 at 9:30 am by Designer Ella

Style Steal: 60s Tweed Cropped Jackets

Bluefly has designer apparel up to 70% off. There are always really great deals, but things sell out fast, and there can often be very few sizes of items. Though I was able to snatch up one of the items on my list for Spring; a cropped jacket. The Parameter Ivory Tweed Cropped Blazer is 60% at $105.

In my search, I always noticed a very similar cropped tweed jacket, but by Marc Jacobs: much more expensive. It is also 60% off at $1,052 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Trend alert: I’m totally feeling cropped jackets and coats. They’re perfect for Spring!The two jackets are different enough to not have that *steal un-appeal*, yet they both have the same look in the hot trend of a cropped jacket, and they’re also so classic and 60s feminine with tweed, wide peter pan collars, and flared sleeves.

The Parameter blazer has a classic, versatile style and tweed pattern, and still can boast a *quality* retail pricetag (for which you won’t have to pay), so if you love this style, you can’t go wrong. Also, Bluefly offers “Bill Me Later,” so you can actually pay around the time weather permits wearing it. Plus.


Big eLUXURY Post-Holiday Deals

December 29, 2005 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

Sales can be exciting, like a department store offering that bag you’ve eyed from the beginning at over $100 off. But sometimes the marked-down selection can be small or disappointing—or barely a bargain. So I’m scouting out my favorites at the eLUXURY Post-Holiday Sale.

For handbags, it’s these two Marc Jacobs Collection Guinevere style bags. The Soft Calf Medium Guinevere is a satchel made of soft leather, in a divine teal, with a dark, matching suede flap, and refreshingly different push lock. Nearly a hidden secret, is a horizontal belt, cinching its gathered sides.

Marc Jacobs Guinevere Style Bags

Even more interesting and kicky, if relatively less of a bargain, is the collection’s Soft Calf Cosmetics Pouch. The drop-shaped flap is aligned on one side of the bag, and when the top is unzippered, the open clasp reveals funky hardware that really works it. In the same fine materials as the Guinevere Satchel, and at 7.5″ width and 2″ diameter, I’d definitely carry this as a clutch—but it still carries that high end price of $228. Le sigh.

Pucci Ankle Rain BootNow, the shoe section is where this gets really exciting for me. The Pucci Ankle Rain Boot, similar to the Pucci Printed Rain Boots I posted about in October, are on sale from $145 to $89!! A designer shoe (if rubber and for the rain) with a famous Pucci print is selling for under $100! Well, since I’ve been eyeing them for a discount for months, now. I scooped a pair right up.

There are a lot of gorgeous shoes on sale, although not for as little, and not in as many sizes as that boot (36, 37, 38, 39, 40). So, I’ll just encourage you to shop around for yourself. I hope you luck out!

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Style Steal: Designer Copies

December 26, 2005 at 12:38 pm by Designer Ella

Though shalt not create false idols or worship any other designers but the haute, right?

Well, putting a false logo on a knockoff is wrong, so probably is putting key signature elements of a designer on a brand name bag, and definitely is trying to sell replica bags as authentic. But what about when a known brand takes inspiration from big designers of bags with even bigger pricetags? What about if this bag is actually well-made with genuine leather, and doesn’t do one of the 3 Deadly Purse Sins I mentioned?

There will be big disagreement on this issue, but perhaps what we have then is a great Style Steal Bargain.

Wilson's Leather Turn-Lock Handbag - RedWilson’s Leather crafts well-made genuine leather bags, but their own design team isn’t leading in original thought. The nicest bags from them are copied from true inspiration-worthy sources. Is this wrong? Well, at least you know this bag won’t fall apart, and nothing’s a blatant knockoff. Wilson’s Leather is a reputable source of leather goods, from jackets to wallets.

I even bought for myself this Turn-Lock Handbag (now $60 from $200). The bag doesn’t have a lock and key, zips at the top, with a faux flap for decoration, and has two shoulder straps. It’s those little convenient differences that caters this bag more to my needs—apologies to Hermes.

Wilson\'s Leather Gathered Drawstring Bag - PlumHere are two bags with I can tell where the inspiration comes from, but these have different design elements, definitely: the Rhinestone Leash Briefcase, a la Luella (but $280 from $400); and this un-marked Marc inspired, Push-Lock Satchel (marked down to $42 from $140).

Finally, is my favorite for it’s shape, perfect details, and quality leather-on-tonal-trim-leather; the Gathered Drawstring Bag. There is a real argument for a Theda look without the overpriced Louis Vuitton monogram or cheesy “canvas” used on those bags. This bag looks even better at a delicious $48! (from $150).

Is this less of style for a steal, and more stealing style? You may let me know. If you want a different take on this issue, visit Pursed Lips.

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Style Steal: Prada Tweed Re-Take

October 29, 2005 at 6:27 pm by Designer Ella

Prada vs. Payless

The Payless ShoeSource Tweed Pocket Flap, called “Becky”, has enough style to stand on its own. But, no, it is completely based on the Prada Embellished Tweed Bag. Prada’s original is adorable in brown, but has a bit of a rough edge for the schoolgirl feel we like such bags for. Payless’s re-take has less detail, which allows it to not go overboard like its inspiration, yet its lack of fine craftsmanship is apparent in the shoulder strap’s lack of shape (and it doesn’t boast that charming orange ribbon). The original’s shoulder strap is simply too long. The Prada is on sale at Smart Bargains, itself, for $800 (from $1,295). Becky goes for $15 at You decide for yourselves.