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Archive for June 15th, 2006

Coutorture Fashion Network

June 15, 2006 at 1:30 pm by Designer Ella

“Fashion is a pain and it shouldn’t have to be.” — Julie Frederickson.

Coutorture is a fashion community set up by Julie (of Almost Girl) and Phil (of Millionaire Socialite) that features feeds from many top and just plain great fashion blogs. It also offers more and more content to the bloggers and benefits as partnerships grow.

The partners are even working “with a number of PR firms to help get bloggers on their radar for promotions and other events.” Coutorture’s goal is to gain a wider audience for the niche and grow a higher legitimacy.

For the reader it means getting fashion content of blogs, online magazines and media in one spot (of course still visit the blogs, use your fave RSS reader and branch out through links to find new content).

As Julie said, the name of the game is good old-”fashioned” community spirit. To get in the game, e-mail Julie and tell her about your blog and why you want to join!

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