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Archive for June 6th, 2006

A Trendy Swimsuit for the Model Body

June 6, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

I should be fair to all body types, and some people really have the runway model’s body: tall, skinny, no chest. The swimsuit style I posted last week has a similar, bikini style for this very person. It is perfect for this body type, and pretty much that type alone.

Flatter specifications:

Liz Claiborne Nautical Stripe Bikini– It is a bikini, so your stomach should be flat.
– The top is striped, and the bottom is solid, so it would be best to wear this if you are tall, because breaking up the pattern/color saturation strips the body in pieces. (There is no real benefit to this, as looking tall is not a negative.)
– The diagonal striping on the bust will add width to the chest, this is alright for many, but really great for small chests.
– The shape of the top is even better for medium-small chests, as cleavage will look good in this (and bandeau tops are the best for flat chests).
– The striping under the bust will add a little bit of width.
– The belt will widen the hips, helping to curve out the super skinny, and works well with the strip under the chest.

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Sweet Marc Jacobs *Flared* Shorts (on Sale!)

June 6, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

Marc Jacobs Collection Flared ShortI love these feminine-flared Marc Jacobs Collection shorts, but I can’t imagine justifying even the sale price: $659 (from $1,100).

They also are not nearly practical for my body type (short and wide-ish, just like this item). Oh, dear.

Is this one of those “model” items? The public swoons and awes over the piece; the poetry, the uniqueness. It is a rare gem, thus deserving of its prestige. But then who wears it? The insanely perfect or rich and the models, of course. I think this is something meant to happen—a very large, purposeful circle. Is that right?

Or maybe H&M will make a pair like this. Now, I just need to get rid of my “wide-ish” problem. And the sewers need to make a cuff-less pair (cuffs are bad for short stature)—Geesh!


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