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Archive for June 2nd, 2006

Local Area Fashion Uniform

June 2, 2006 at 6:00 pm by Designer Ella

The inspired Rebecca of The Space Between My Peers (“ears” makes some sense, too, Manolo) posed this question for her Carnivale de Couture;

Suppose you stepped off a plane in your neighborhood, city, or country. Could you tell you were home by how people were dressed? Is there a Regional Casual Uniform? What do people (and you may narrow down to a specific segment of the population if you like) wear when they are going out during the day [and] going to be seen, but not needing to dress up?

Bealls Florida Sun dress
From Bealls; A Florida Department Store
In Boston and the suburbs, I don’t notice a typical style of dress; just accents. Is there a “casual uniform”? Thinking, I realize that many dress well. In a) the grocery store/pharmacy, b) college campus (aside from nursing students’ casual uniform: scrubs—*shudder*), and c) places for shopping/dining, I usually see a mixture of heels and fashionable attire with t-shirts, sneakers and some horrid unfortunate choices. Mostly it’s good. There is no casual uniform.

But in my second home; South Florida, boy is there a casual uniform! I’ve talked about this before: it’s perpetual summer. But worse than that, it’s perpetual beach. Anything, aside from actual swim wear, that one would associate with the beach—and very very casual beach—like the tees and printed shorts, one even sees at malls. (The mecca for all things fashionista here in MA.)

It’s frightening to me, and the reasons I justify moving there full time are 1) I can try to help as a cause (hee), 2) there’s still great shopping and 3) Boca Raton!


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Halle Berry’s Makeup Puzzler

June 2, 2006 at 10:00 am by Designer Ella

Halle Berry Makeup decision

Halle Berry, there’s no tough decision here. Shouldn’t you only be photographed reaching for the Revlon?

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