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Archive for May 28th, 2006

Video Killed the Fashion Star

May 28, 2006 at 1:27 pm by Designer Ella

That can-do girl from Fashion is a Verb is hosting le Carnivale this week, with the question:

What movie (/ music video / TV show) do you credit with being responsible for the biggest Fashion Don’ts? In other words- Which movie started off clothing trends that never should have been?

Madonna Like a Virgin video

My choice for a video is something I didn’t see much of the effects from, personally, being so young at the time (I don’t even know when this was, precisely). It’s Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” from the 80s.

Christine Taylor The Wedding Singer Holly SullivanI do know, thanks to The Wedding Singer and Christine Taylor as Holly Sullivan, that Madonna inspired exact clones. That’s pretty bad. (I can’t even get in to all the facets that make the look, but fortunately, this is not a current trend against which I need to make an argument.)

I do know a little more personally that those rubber bracelets really took off. Even for children, we had jelly bracelets, which were colourful. Mine were chunkier and filled with glitter—gosh, I loved those things. (They’re gone to my clothing archives of memory-only, now!)

At least this trend wasn’t something that stuck around or has come back, yet, unlike leg warmers.

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