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Archive for May 26th, 2006

Old Navy Madras Plaid Ad

May 26, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

Old Navy Madras Ad

Old Navy Madras AdSometimes when we see a new ad, we instantly have a hunch about what company it’s for. This started for me years ago with Gap’s dancing campaign. Then came the inevitable Must-See-TV Old Navy Ads. Now there are those crazy, crazy Target ads (so fun, though!). But now we again have Old Navy … with the dancing Gap once had.

It’s fun to document Old Navy’s ads, which can also be crazy in their own way … because the fashion is often … okay not to my liking.

The newest ad is for a plaid called Madras (you can view the ad through that link; shop women through this link), it’s quite a flannel-print plaid. The way they’ve done it, it looks like a bunch of homeless, but pretty, people running around.

(And more skinny legs; the main model looks like she can’t support herself on those.)

For some examples of more fashion … not to my liking, look below.

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Mischa Barton for bebe

May 26, 2006 at 11:30 am by Designer Ella

Mischa Barton for bebe

I liked this photograph, I still like it, as art, as ad. But I don’t like it with that caption. The face of bebe is dead, like a wax statue? Does that mean something?

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