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Archive for May 12th, 2006

The Online Shopping Site for Women: Outblush

May 12, 2006 at 6:00 pm by Designer Ella

Outblush women's shopping site

I’ve been doing a lot of e-window shopping today—ok, I dropped a lot of cash on actual shopping, too … ok, ok, it was all with the intent to buy (or getting sucked into the manic need to buy). And it all went successfully, thank you (to credit cards, installment plans, et cetera!). With such activity on the mind, I’d like to introduce you to the brand new women’s shopping blog: Outblush.

It’s simple, sleek, and very chic; it reads like a boutique on blog format, with no messy extras on sidebars, unobtrusive ads, and with only four simple categories seen on the top menu (but many more on the out-of-the-way “categories” archive page). Thank you, the world wide web needs such a sophisticated and professional presence (and it’s by Purseuing’s own Julie and fellow editors).

The site even has every thing a woman needs … to buy, and even though it’s mere weeks old, there is tons of content!

Oh, yes. The editors have outdone themselves, going beyond typical expectations. Isn’t it like women to go outside the boundaries and be truly unpredictable? I find that’s true. Oh, yes.

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Rain Boot Alternative: Sigerson Morrison Rubber Flat

May 12, 2006 at 10:24 am by Designer Ella

It is so gloomy here; forget Spring showers, this is like England weather (not even New England). I haven’t seen the sun in a week. Today is my first day of Summer vacation, and what do I have? I’m setting aside today for lots of blog work (although I need to go to the mall quite soon, oh yes), but you’d think I could get a little shine in the sky. Please? I’m having trouble getting going, after such a hopeful effort in waking.

And all the boots I’ve tried for rainy days are uncomfortable. Boo. All this has brought my mind back to the Sigerson Morrison Rubber Flats. They do look uncomfortable, but they have a fabric-lined footbed and a complete 5-star Zappos rating! These designer beauties are also on a terrific sale, with the kelly green color being the lowest at $73.95.

Perhaps if I bought these, they’d give me a little lift, and the whimsical style might brighten such days as these. (And they look just odd enough without going too far; they’re for the quirky style.)

And hey, at least in the rain, the greens on the ground and trees gleam with deeper color. And nature does need this.

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