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Archive for May 2nd, 2006

Pain at the Pump

May 2, 2006 at 8:00 am by Designer Ella

I was inspired to some thought by a post on The Runway Scoop about gas prices effecting fashionsta’s shopping, combined with yet-again gas price rises, which brought back to the media the phrase, “Pain at the Pump.”

It makes me envision the pain caused by pumps. And is there actual correlation? (Oh, bear with me, it’s fun.)

There’s more of a veering away from them, what with more public transportation, toward comfort shoes (or, please!, comfortable shoes and cute sneakers, I hope).

So that more causes “pain” for the selling of pumps. … No? Well, the thinking game was fun. (Shoes!)

For more coherent thoughts on the effect of rising gas prices on fashion, read Maria Palma’s post. (Smart girl. And she visits me, and comments, and links to me!! and I love her!)

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