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Archive for April, 2006

Jockey No Pantyline Promise

April 27, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Jockey No Panty Line PromiseI really needed a change: some new underwear; and by happenstance I came upon Jockey’s new No Panty Line Promise® collection. These panties keep their promise of no lines even under fairly thin trousers. They’re of “modal” cotton-like fabric that is comfy and smooth and they’re my new basic, everyday undies. My faves are the bikinis with lacey leg openings, because they’re the comfiest. They come in a variety of colours (including hot red) and Jockey also offers matching camisoles. I even found a leopard-print bikini, to feel special and for those rare, special nights. (Le sigh, I hope there are some fated for my days.)

Oh, yes, now I’m feeling a little more comfortable and looking a little better in cute bikini-underwear. As I’ve recently written, I’m working on getting a little cuter in those bikinis, too (though not yet for swimsuit bikinis!). But oh! do I wish for someone to appreciate seeing me in them. Oh! these Jockeys and I deserve the promise of a significant Love.

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Weekly Designer: Louis Vuitton Shoes

April 25, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Louis Vuitton Monogram Perforation Open-Toe PumpLouis Vuitton is so logo-centric, but their shoes are best when designed out of the promotional bag, different; chic and funky. This open-toed pump is fun, flirty and has some kick. Although there is monogram, we more notice the contrast of colors with bright plum and those polka-dot-in-effect perforations. (I wish I could get a look at the back detail. Mmh!) There is a high, high 3.5″ heel to add vivaciousness and killer—further “can’t have.” But this is a dream shoe for the lofty thinkers. Although not a classic or It, it’s a little bit of a good mixture for Louis Vuitton.

This Monogram Perforation Open-Toe Pump is available at eLUXURY.


Shopping is My Duty

April 24, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

Bag o' Money Illustration Sketch Shopping is not just fun, to have nice things, or the necessary right that it is. Shopping is a duty for me. I sacrifice myself for shopping, and not just by blowing cash (but that’s a hu.uge part).

I shop for my blog, it keeps me continuously gaining knowledge, it shows me products and many ideas. The shopping improves the economy (I think I do enough of it) and the blog, my friends, inspires others to shop, themselves. I am good for the country!

And I lose myself in shopping and in the blog. The blog inspires me to shop more. I have been evolving into a more sophisticated fashionista from the very beginning. Where do I end and where do the blog and malls begin?

Shopping drawing And now I must shop more, my friends—I honestly must. I have a slight weight issue, but even at its slightness, I struggle to get and remain fit. I have been a computer person for too long—from just before my weight gain occurred, and I must retrain my body and mind to enjoy other activities more. Shopping is walking (oh, how boring old fashioned walking is!). Yes, there are other exercises, but you probably have heard that a lifestyle must be maintainable for weight to remain off of the body. I must enjoy a more active lifestyle on a regular basis. So no … I shop to be healthy (and I don’t always buy! … much).

This does mean that I sacrifice the blog for my own well being. But this is good. I want to live a healthy life, and most people agree that health and happiness are most important. I want to live a long life with doing work I enjoy, so a little sacrifice and less posting now will help me. In time, I will control a hearty balance of activity and sitting work. What I’ve done so far has been great, and I’m learning more and more how to juggle (and yet I still sleep!).

Things will get even better as time goes on, oh yes. For soon, I will be shopping for a new laptop—a light one!—and new, fancy go-anywhere Internet! Ah, to be on-the-go and to be able to stop on a dime and type! (I might have to start seriously saving first, though, hmmmm.)


The Comfort of Easy Spirit (Rendir Sandal Review)

April 20, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Easy Spirit Rendir

So, after walking that Florida outlet mall over 1.5 miles long … in wedge heels. and then walking the next day in unsupportive Dr. Scholl’s, my feet had it. Then I came across an Easy Spirit store. I found the most fabulously comfortable sandals … that were stylish, too! I scooped up the multicolored pair of these Rendir, pictured, and I think I’ll go get the black, as to not wear one pair out too quickly. They are still comfortable, even more so than my cute little slippers for around the house. They are so supportive, it’s amazing. These really do easily earn their 5 stars and beyond!

Plus: it’s getting to be the time where I can wear them in Massachusetts, even! on especially warm occasions.

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Designer of the Week: Giuseppe Zanotti Sandal

April 18, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

Giuseppe Zanotti makes hot, hot sandals with bright stones and bling. They were quite in last year, but this season I’m not feeling them. Just our luck, they’ve changed things a bit, played that whole thing down a notch. Better still, they’ve even made a shoe that is so current, yet some how so the best of Giuseppe Zanotti!

Giuseppe Zanotti Jeweled Metallic WedgeThe wedge heel on this sandal, from this angle, looks to be made of a woven wood (it is rattan, actually). Isn’t that the best of the season, all in one aspect? Then on the adorned strappy vamp is a ring made of … tortoise shell. How beyond.

Alas, one thing could be done to improve the trend aesthetic; a little bit of a platform toebed. Le sigh!


Ella’s Fashion Confessions

April 14, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

I confess, although I have been blessed with taste, I was once a teenager, and I lusted after certain fashion sins.

Purchase Shoes at Shoes.comI will share not only one, but both of my shoe confessions with you! I’m so giving (remember that!).

  • I loved Cinderella, before I was inspired to realize she is a weak woman who waits for things to happen. But I loved her and I thought clear heels were the next best thing to glass slippers. I even thought I could wear a pair at my own storybook wedding. *dies*
  • Purchase Shoes at

  • Like any girly teen in the late 90s, I was into the Spice Girls. I followed them for their fashion, strikingly different images and even their music (they wrote some good messages, hey! [unlike Cinderella]). So … I had a pair of platform shoes, just like Baby Spice. Oh! how they clomped the sound of faux pas through the halls! Oh! oh.

Although with modification, there is acceptance for these shoes, today, I find these two personal once-upon tastes horrifying. But I feel so liberated that I can trust you!


Carnivale de Fashion Confessions: part Deux

April 14, 2006 at 10:30 am by Designer Ella

Here are the late entries for my Carnivale de Couture. I will accept no more, except in full detail in comments, not on your blogs. Enjoy the last 2 of my blogging friends, but then my own will be posted shortly!

Here was my topic:

What is your fashion confession, either a long ago faux pas, or today’s guilty pleasure?

  • Jill Danyelle, of FiftyRX3, confessed that she intended to return that suede skirt—that how-can-I–when-can-I-wear item—but missed the return date. She also confessed she has purchased such items several times just this year. Ella says, “and?” lol, this is normal and sometimes fun. I hope you find enjoyment in these guilty pleasures!
  • Kiffen, from The Fashionable Kiffen, once died her fair brunette locks a Gothic black, which turned horrific against her even fairer skin tone. The process of returning a browner shade to her tresses took a long time, leaving her hair damaged. Ahh, we have learned to love our natural beauty, thus—this is a beautiful story, especially for the kiddies.

Haven’t these all been lovely stories? These bloggers tell their “darkest” tales so well that we could never put them down! Aren’t we nice, too?

This makes me feel ready to spill my own.


Carnivale de Fashion Confessions!

April 10, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

My round of the Carnivale was such a success. I love you all!! And a carnival it is, with this freak show of fashions. The topic was

What is your fashion confession, either a long ago faux pas, or today’s guilty pleasure?

  • Shoelover owns Duck Boots that are too embarrassing to be placed in her own clear shoe boxes. There’s something to be said of at least that. She also is seduced by the comfort of un-sexy flannel nighties. But I’m sure she sleeps easy in them.
  • It’s neon socks that haunt Maria Palma. Haunt, I tell you, to her soul—like flashbacks from a glittering 80s rave. As well they should, as you’ll only truly understand when you read her tale of the outfit with which they mis-matched. —– Maria, forgive yourself, this Fashion Snob commands; it was the 80s, after all, and you were very young—In the 80s.
  • Rebecca, from The Space Between My Peers, confesses that she is not with the “in-crowd” of couture. But doesn’t that make us love her more? Ella can tell that Rebecca cares, and that makes all the difference. (P.S. Sex and the City has many great elements, besides the raunch and the glamour. Don’t feel like you need to be a certain person to watch—you don’t! And if you decide you don’t like it, so what? There’s more out there.)
  • Dr. Martens - 1460 Series (Cherry Red Smooth) - Women'sDanielle, from Final Fashion, *still* loves Doc Martens, and the ensembles and even lifestyles that go with them. Respect must be given to someone who has seen this blog, with such a post as this, and boldly claims this defiance. But as the fashion designer that she is, I hope she creates pieces more tailor-cut (you can see her illustrations, done the right way, from her blog). (And by the way, I don’t exactly need stilettos, myself.)
  • Mallory, from Pursed Lips, is horrified to admit that—while she was a tiny tot, mind you—she owned a purse … shaped … like a tennis shoe!! Mal, doll, you’ve grown up to sophisticated taste. As a collector and fashion fan, I once eyed those handbags shaped like corsets … But I won’t tell you when. :-x
  • Rondi, from Begin Each Day as if it Were on Purpose, proudly declares she loves ponchos. But she also swears the ones she selects are beautiful, not the Martha Stewart or others we’ve seen over the past year. And I, Ella, do not mind. I do not terribly mind a poncho. I like ponchos, as long as they have no Mexican flair or fringes–yick. While admittedly not slimming, they do conceal. They aren’t usually too warm, and they make purse-carrying more difficult, yes yes. But they can be right, if designed right. What I suggest for most who think like we do, is to think of the capelet. I have turned to capelets, and they are indeed chic! Rondi, you could add these little items to your poncho collection!
  • Samida, from Coutured Stains, gave an amusing depiction of rainbowed brights in her youth that could nearly give a seizure by reading. Oh, my eyes.
  • Quel shock! The Bargain Queen confesses to splurging on expensive items! But the worth-it ones. Darling, I wish I had your will. Three Longchamps at $200? You don’t want to hear my therapist-worthy confession! (And I never want my therapist to.) P.S. Can I see pics of your beloved bags? 0:-) I love their new Vintage collection. There’s a Longchamp store in my town. Oh, no–here we go!

Stay tuned soon for my own fashion confession! It should be good, don’t you think? If you still want to send one in, I can do another round this upcoming Friday! Submit your URL in the comments, by Thursday, s’il vous plait? (And if you don’t have a blog, post your whole confession in these comments, if you’d like!)


Earthy Merchandise

April 8, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Earth Day, April 22nd (and the coming-up Arbor Day, April 28th) is a time for change for such a caring fashionista as I. Can I get crunchy? Maybe not. Could I get preachy? You know it. But also, I can promote simpler, themed merchandise, and even perhaps, just maybe, catch it quickly; a plain canvas tote with simply a logo, depicting a positive message. Why not go all out, eh?

Whoa, hold back. Let’s go a little out, subtly.

Earth Day / Arbor Day Merchandise

Café Press, of course, offers all sorts of home-designed, artistic tees, etc. And they have a great supply of prints for this occasion, with a discount to celebrate the importance. After all, it’s the only occasion for such a tote as pictured.

“Earth Day, Every Day” is a great slogan for products to boast this month. Or a sticker or such to display all year. But earthy fashions, please, only on this day. Every day view, one day appearance.

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Carnivale de Ella! Your Fashion Confession

April 5, 2006 at 12:00 pm by Designer Ella

Despite some confusion about scheduling, I am here!

And I am hosting the Carnivale de Couture! Yayness.

My question is

What is your fashion confession, either a long ago faux pas, or today’s guilty pleasure?

Do be revealing and as descriptive and imagery as you feel free to. Perhaps you may blame your issue on a celebrity’s influence. Just be honest and telling!

Post this on your blog, and send me a link to it in the comments of this post. (Easy peasy?) Your links and summaries will be posted here at Kiss Me, Stace on Monday, April 10th, so get yours in by that Sunday evening!

See you, dolls!

*UPDATE* It is Sunday, now, and if you’re running behind, I don’t want you to stress or rush through a poorly told story. I can do a second round next Friday!


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