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Archive for January, 2006

Manolo Blahnik Tiger Print Sandal

January 30, 2006 at 10:50 am by Designer Ella

Manolo Blahnik KulupuriRrarrr! This Manolo 3 1/2″ heeled sandal has a tiger print embossed onto oh, so textured stingray skin. If that weren’t bold enough, a buckled ankle strap is decorated with shiny stone accents, in colors and stripes reminding us of the Serengeti. Grrrr!

The woman able to strut it in this shoe is one diva, indeed. I’d like to see that animal, because I can’t believe this amazing shoe can translate into an actual wardrobe. Imagine the ultra fabulista woman?! Could it be you? for 815 dollars!


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Spring 2006 Couture: Christian Lacroix

January 29, 2006 at 12:46 pm by Designer Ella

Finally, we see some color for Spring, with Christian Lacroix’s couture collection. In shades more thought of with an aging August, lush naturals are bold, yet muted. With ornate prints and exaggerated shapes, this is “couture!” in a proud way. Mixed in are international inspirations, from Asia, France, and eastern Europe, from peasants, to queens, to princess brides. Even the “don’ts” are glorious, in a way of fascination. Christian Lacroix’s collection is a great masterpiece of fine fashion as art.

Christian LacroixChristian Lacroix

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Sergio Rossi Green Python Cutaway

January 28, 2006 at 4:28 pm by Designer Ella

Sergio RossiThis Sergio Rossi heel’s dark green of the python skin is refreshing and subtle and just enough of just too much to handle (or afford). Add the “cutaway” shaping and matching silk bow, and we’ve got something all too divine for a womanly-woman to resist. Could you take these 9 cm (3.5 inches!!!!) d’Orsays out for a stroll, or just place them on an ever-eyed pedestal in your hall or on your wall of shoe fame?

Perhaps, you’d love them large-scale, in a history-documenting shoe-art book. Me, I’m filing them into this blog; an honored home, with me.

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Fashionistas in the Media

January 28, 2006 at 3:52 pm by Designer Ella

Thinking FashionistaA recent look into the entertainment media’s portrayal of fashionistas has lately gotten me frustrated and fired up. “We” are being portrayed as shallow and “female dogs,” for one thing. Another thing is that when writers and creators of entertainment geared toward fashionistas, is that the characters are still no better—they are inexplicably rich, with only shopping—and men—on the mind. I find myself not even able to grasp the long list of designer garments in these novels (blogs fare better for the pictures). What happened to creative descriptions that make readers feel like we are there? Writers assume we know everything Balenciaga has ever made, and therefore can take shortcuts and cut out detail. The worst parts of these stories is their endings, with the characters learning nothing throughout their plotless foibles.

A rerun of an earlier episode of ER, just this Thursday, showed a woman in a cute suit (first notice) and her fashionable friend whisper over a doctors’ chunky shoes. I was overjoyed when Abby served that brat a good *zing!*, and gladly sided with the picked-on women, despite their unfortunate comfortable footwear. Fabulous female doctors? They’ve earned the right to wear sensible shoes.

And that brings me to *it*; the way fashionistas can avoid the trappings of materialism and shallow attitudes: be flexible and versatile. Have varied interests, read something intellectual on occasion, and show a little forgiveness in opinions. Be kind and be beautiful on the inside as well as out. I’m sure it’s all natural to the fabulous you!

. . .

Thanks for the props, Almost Girl and Fashion Tribes Blog. Special thanks to Almost Girl for mixing intellectualism with style.


Spring 2006 Couture: Galliano’s Frightening Display

January 25, 2006 at 12:24 pm by Designer Ella

I see Dior as another Chanel-type, in its feminine cuts and beautiful details. But John Galliano’s strange self-style may be working to butcher the classic Christian Dior name, with his Spring 2006 Couture show for Dior.

The catwalk was a Fright Sight Show where fashion took a backseat—to a political statement of a French revolution that seems more like a Friday the 13th Horror Film Festival. With models draped in dark folds of fabric and covered in blood-red capes, with lights dimmed, it’s hard to see any style at all.

Even pricey pieces were ruined, like the pearls dripping with blood dye and spattered white leather pants (that bring up their own frightening thoughts).

I can hardly stand to look at—or display—any photo from this show, especially with models in gory make-up of zombie-dead eyes or in full white-face, and covered by eerie sheets of sheer cloth. Crosses further a dreary image.

Spring 2006 Couture Dior face Spring 2006 Couture Dior

At least the show ended with some humor; a goofy Galliano swishing a rapier sword, supposedly as a pirate, complete with that silly little mustache. Oh, please.

Yes, I have no thorough review of the actual styles, as I don’t see any true attempt at creating fashion garments, here. Of the stylistic pieces of which I can get a good view, they do not resemble apparel.

Thanks for the props, Almost Girl and Fashion Tribes Blog.


Spring 2006 Couture: Chanel’s Girlhood Fantasy

January 25, 2006 at 11:05 am by Designer Ella

Starting a day late, due to my busy first day of classes (my schedule begins with and battles against the shows!), I begin the Spring 2006 Couture shows with a favorite pick: Chanel (picked so before seeing the collections).

Chanel Couture Spring 2006 Box DressChanel’s show brought us back to 60s mod, with a kickoff look of boxy dresses and prim skirt suits. Black/White boots adorned the Chanel Spring 2006 Couture Big Tulle Lacelightstepping feet of these walking displays of porcelain models. 60s made way to the good old times of our girlhoods with bows and lace, and all things nice. Every little girl’s fashion fantasy was blown up to twice the size of life, little by little, with spreading flower printed lace and ever-flaring skirts. After every imaginable, frilly expansion, the collection made way to floor-length gowns.

Chanel Spring 2006 Couture Chanel Spring 2006 Couture

Chanel Spring 2006 Couture ShoeBut these were in no way the ordinary or usual gowns we always see. Whether completed by petite jackets, continuing the feel of lace—accent or overflowing, or accentuating woman’s Chanel Spring 2006 Couturecurves with exaggerated widths, once more, the wedding white frocks, amidst the pale or neutral, pushes the biggest dreams of the girl inside for beauty and romance. The shoes became demure and fairy-tale-like. At an over-the-top climax, the show ended with a young lass of pure, innocent beauty, in a flowing number much like a christening gown. Thus the transformation completed.

Chanel Spring 2006 Couture Chanel Spring 2006 Couture


Chanel Spring 2006 Couture Worst Chanel Spring 2006 Couture Worst

Thanks for the props, Almost Girl and Fashion Tribes Blog.

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Manic Monday Manolos

January 23, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

Today was a day of getting my final schedule in order for the Spring term. I have a little bit of stress, and therefore; bring on the Blahniks!

Manic Manolo MondaysI’ve been trying to keep up with posting Manolo Blahniks every Monday, for a while, now; toying with the idea of bringing the series of posts back. I had to stop because of my crazy life before, but now I get to take things easier. We never did get to finalize and pinpoint exactly what makes a Manolo what it is. But if the series continues, and we never even get to that, there’s more fun in it! Now we will have a Manolo Blahnik every Monday; thanks mostly to editing the timestamp of a post—I can write the entry at any point during the week!

On with the shoe!

Manolo Blahnik Lizard Haircalf SlideThis stunner of a slide, named the “Tailobo,” has strips of metallic lizard skin, with strips of animal printed hair-calf; meeting in the center with a cute little button. It’s trimmed in modest brown leather, for that earthy vibe. But it’s all uptown glam, complete on a 3″ heel, of course. This snazzy dream beaut is making women yearn at $595, of course, of course.

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Ode to the Overworked

January 23, 2006 at 3:30 pm by Designer Ella

Ella says, there should be no such thing, in a luxury world, as more than one full time job. But in reality, so many fabulistas (and fabumen!) run around with multiple-duty schedules, stay fabulous, keep fresh, and run their lives in tip-top order!

I salute all of you, but I always urge us all to take a breather every day, with a decadent treat, and a soothing activity (or low-tivity).

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Stranded: My Fashion Necessities

January 22, 2006 at 2:20 pm by Designer Ella

ShangriLaw asks, “if you were stranded at a life-long party on the ‘Island of Superfantasticness,’ what would be the fashion items you simply cannot live without?”

A lifelong party on a beautiful island, with my fellow fashion bloggers, and all the power and amenities of luxury, I assume?

This actually has an important, basic question of life, in there. If I were limited, in a limited situation, what apparel items would I need? I would mix the basic with the luxe, to create a wardrobe I could live with.

This can get “blah, blah,” but read on, it has tips and insight into my *devilish* shopping mind, as well as picking up for something special at the end!

Island Necessities

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Ella’s Blahnik Shoe Art

January 20, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

As an old graphic designer, I was inspired by recent Manolo Blahnik shoes and the artistic photography or my own accidental editing of an image — to making my own art with them. As the long dormant graphic designer, they are not much, but they are beautiful and un-ornate, which is a good thing.

Manolo Blahnik art 1

This original photograph already looked like a painting, so I enhanced that.

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