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Poll: What Does Your Dad Need this Father’s Day?

June 12, 2006 at 12:00 am by Designer Ella

Our next poll is: What does your dad need this Father’s Day? What is he lacking, wardrobe wise. Is it a complete sense of style, itself?

* New wardrobe (even should he get a total makeover or be taught the laws of fashion, like on What Not to Wear?)
* New wallet (is his bulging or ratty?)
* New shoes (are there holes or do they have an odor [I know, I know]?)
* A man’s bag (I just love those. They should catch on, don’t you think?!)

The poll is located in the left sidebar right below the Glam ad.


Categories : General, Fashion, Gifts

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  • 5 Responses to “Poll: What Does Your Dad Need this Father’s Day?”

    Shopaholic D Says:

    neat poll…where’d you get it from?

    Lady Licorice Says:

    Agreed on the manbags! I wish more guys would discover the joys of a good bag. I actually wrote a post on this all-important topic here.

    This year I got my dad some Cubita Cuban coffee with matching cup and saucer and a pair of very classy flip flops…to try to get him away from the boat shoes he likes to wear all summer.

    Designer Ella Says:

    D, the poll is a plugin script just for Word Press, my blog script.

    Here are some suggestions for poll scripts from Blogger.

    There’s also the Coutorture Vizu polls, which randomly rotate across all member’s blogs who choose to display them. They have nice images with the polls, but they aren’t really the bloggers’ own polls. (And you’d have to join Coutorture.)

    Lady, nice blog article. If more people really love man bags, I’ll have to explore the topic more fully! And that sounds like fun!

    Shopaholic D Says:

    thanks for the tips! i’ll check into them!

    Designer Ella Says:

    You’re welcome. I did barely any research. ;-)

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