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FICA’s Fur Fashion Week Stirs Opinions

June 13, 2006 at 9:30 am by Designer Ella

FICA (Fur Information Council of America) is holding their Fur Fashion Week. Of course, I don’t care to cover the styles and I’ve already given my harshest opinion, but I’d like to cover something.

Fur Fashion Week FICA AlexandrosJulie of Almost Girl and a reader, Gloria, gave some very good points on Almost Girl’s comments:

Kathleen Fasanella pointed out that she dislikes the nonuse of the furry animal’s meat and Gloria agreed. Then Julie brought up a little known aspect of the fur business, “Actually as I learned today people do eat the meat of animals killed for fur, in fact sometimes it is even more ethical than just leather.”

Gloria argued,

It’s about the treatment they endure too- and who really eats the meat? Maybe the families that farm- but can they really eat hundreds of mink meat? Or genitally electrocuted [chinchilla] meats?

I agree with Gloria, and I disagree with a fur fashion week and the fur practice as a whole. There could possibly be a correct way to use pelts for apparel, but we don’t see it now. Will we ever? Do we want that, or should the fur trade end completely?

Fur-trimmed coat picture credit to Almost Girl.


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