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Dooce and the Mr.’s Clog Wars

June 26, 2006 at 11:38 am by Designer Ella

Dooce and Mr. Dooce, aka Heather and Jon Armstrong (the male form being from Blurbomat), have engaged in The War of the Clogs.

No CrocsIt’s more lighthearted than the prickly one of Roses, but to me—and probably to Heather—it’s serious. The Clog Wars is a battle to rid hubby’s feet (and apparently Doggie Armstrong’s [also see him in pink sandals]) of Crocs brand clogs.

It started on June 20th, with the last fight ending in blood (and great cinematography!).

Is it yet over??? Will Heather rid Jon of his nasty footwear habits??? Well, the fashion bloggers have started to petition on her side. My comment to Jon, who said this,

It was a hard fought battle, a battle for freedom and dignity.

There is no dignity when Crocs clogs are on the feet!

Footnote: Oww, I need to find a blogger husband. Although I wouldn’t make it to minute 2 of the first date if he wore Crocs. Snobby me! I would like an aesthetic-minded blogger nerd with classically refined taste.


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  • 22 Responses to “Dooce and the Mr.’s Clog Wars”

    Lilly Says:

    I see little kids wearing this pieces of **** “footwear/shoes” to the movies in full hoochie dress. WT*?! I don’t get the appeal of them as fashion. As a gardener, barely. As a consumer, I’m offended. YUCK!

    Designer Ella Says:

    Thanks, Lilly.

    Can you hold back from using any naughty language in the future on our blogs? Thank you so much.

    Lilly Says:

    Oops. Sure. Sorry, was in a salty mood earlier. Guess some of it spilled out over here. (But, between you and me and our monitors, footwear that fugly should be illegal.)

    Designer Ella Says:

    He he.

    Shopaholic D Says:

    Thank you! I first saw these in Dick’s sporting goods and wrote them off as some sort of outdoor show. then, a few weeks ago, one of my co-workers wore some to work. he is often working w/ one of our only outdoor clients and has to do work in dirt, etc., so i figured he was wearing the shoes for that (we’re an IT company, so the whole outdoor thing is really random - i’m not meant for outside work…hehe). so, i asked what his shoes were all about and he got all mad at me! I should have been mad at him for wearing those to work (or maybe just for wearing them in public)! i was like….did i miss something? i see these ugly things everywhere….they’re so yucky…blech!

    Designer Ella Says:

    Work?! Oh.. well …

    I’m totally not meant for physical work. :-)

    Lilly Says:

    Now that I think about it, I saw this one teacher at the college who wore them all day, every day in the last two months of the semester before the break. To her workplace! As a teacher! All day, every day!

    This has got to stop, people. Won’t somebody please think about the children?!

    Designer Ella Says:

    That’s terrible. Teachers should dress with class. Oh! Accidental pun!

    Children wear them, too. ;-) Oh, I shouldn’t speak so light.

    I really only see them in Florida, mostly Disney World. I understand comfort (in Disney World), but am baffled by the appeal.

    Lilly Says:

    I would think with all that heavy rubber that your feet would cook in them walking around the Disney compound all day.

    As for the teachers, a lot of them who have tenure dress like the homeless, preferring to squirell their $80K/ann. salary away so they can retire in luxury. And they all wait for their retirement pensions from their tenure jobs to kick in before finding a part-time job for the same salary range at another college. Can you believe these paupers?

    PUNKY Says:

    My friend was just asking me today were he could buy crocs….i told him they dont sell them in our state ;)

    Ange Says:

    I love those shoes!!


    Lilly Says:

    Ange, if you’re serious, you can pick them up at any Pay Less store. I saw them there in rainbow (!!!) colours yesterday.

    HEATH Says:

    Run, hide, fight but Crocs are in and have SUSTAINABILITY because a large portion of their appeal is their comfort-value.

    They have the perfect makings of a classic:

    and Critics

    Keep watching, they’ll only get more widespread…


    Canice Murphy Says:

    I am a dude and I wear crocs and I look great in them!! and I am straight too

    And they are comfortable and the only shoes to fly in and any place that has hills like San Francisco where I live flip flops are impossible because of the terrain.

    I rock crocs!

    Designer Ella Says:

    Lilly, were they striped rainbow, or the usual rainbow selection?

    Canice, of course you’re a straight “dude” if you wear Crocs. *chuckle* (Also, try mandals?)

    *edit* Oh and Lilly, I don’t think Crocs are rubber, they’re said to be made of resin, but I don’t know exactly what that is for footwear, although I know they’re made to work in all temperatures.

    Lilly Says:

    Uhhh… yes? I didn’t really look at them closely, to be honest. I saw them, almost barfed, then fled that part of the store. Sorry. And resin is a rubber property if memory serves me correctly. It comes in a liquid form you can pour out and it hardens as it dries. And after it dries it still has a bit of a springy property to them. Not much. But, I can see it having enough to give shock absorbtion to the Crocs as people walk, and therefore the claim that they are comfy holds water.

    Paws in Shoes Says:

    Confused Dog Tries on ALL the Shoes

    This is Dooce and Blurb’s doggie, Chuck. Heather and Jon are waging a shoe war, and they’ve brought the dog in on it.

    Lilly Says:

    So, I was right about the material the Crocs clogs are made from. I’m reading this article right now in one edition of MacLeans magazine (from Canada), and it states that a huge war is being waged by Crocs against other makers of the foam-type resin clogs. They are currently “suing 11 othe companies who are making - you guessed it- colourful, non-slip clogs from a foam-type resin.” The dispute is about defining patent rights, which Croc acquired, or so they claim, through their purchase of the origninal manufacter of this clog from Montreal in 2004. The strap and the “unique material” (called Croslite) are at the heart of the matter, Crocs, Inc. claim, but they are chosing to sue only the top 11 sellers of the knock-off brands, not all of them out there. Interesting. Not only are Crocs looking like the Wal-Mart of the clog set, but Dooce has a small manufacturing company in Canada to thank blame for infection of this fugly shoe in her husband’s shoe closet. Nice.

    Style Editor Says:

    Good lord! What the hell are these and why are they EVERYWHERE?!?!?

    Designer Ella Says:

    I read they’re similar to rubber and I also read about the “knockoffs.” To think! Shame.

    Kiss Me Stace * shopping & fashion blog! Says:

    Poll: Crocs!

    Blogging about Crocs is so hot right now, and it’s all about debating.
    Are they all ugly? Are clogs better or worse than thongs (or mandals)? Is the comfort worth it?
    Vote in our poll: underneath the Glam ad on the left-hand sidebar!

    Geoffrey Says:

    I have a slightly different slant as to the social implications of Crocs as I get to see the trend from the other foot (so to speak) as a footwear buyer. My distaste (and this relates less in terms of fashion than it does in terms of human nature) can be found here:

    Geoffrey’s Periodic Inanities

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