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Donald Pliner Sportique Wedge Pumps

June 7, 2006 at 5:00 pm by Designer Ella

Donald Pliner Sportique black suede 'Heather' wedge pumps

The divine-ness that is the “wedge pump.” I truly love love the wedge style with a tricky look of a thin* pump heel. These Donald Pliner Sportique suede “Heather” wedge pumps are on sale at for $62.99. If one of various foot sizes, you too can own a pair of fabulousness with these super-stylish wedges. The price is right, now to make these in mid heels, please?

*Actually, the pump look is pretty much on the thin side of medium, as related to our first poll: on heel width, but the entire shoe style counts as a “sculpted wedge.” The Medium & Trendy option is slightly winning out, and I just want to make sure you are voting according to my ideas of what the words mean, because results will be discussed in an article according to them. You can also see a medium heel in the pink illustration that rotates into view on our header every few page impressions, and as pictured below …



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