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Kiss Me, Stace’s 1st Poll: Heel Width

June 5, 2006 at 12:00 am by Designer Ella

I’ve started polls here. Hopefully they’ll be successful. They can lead to post ideas or just interesting discoveries.

They will be placed on the left sidebar below the image banner ad (from Glam).

The first poll is:

Which High Heel Width is Best?

* Thin & Sleek (stiletto and the like)
* Thick & Sturdy (the practical)
* Medium & Trendy (like with the current platform trend [not your 70s or 90s platform, though])
* Sculpted Wedge (rarer)
* Standard Wedge (thicker & more shapeless)

Please leave your comments on the poll on this post!


Categories : General, Shoes, Heels

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  • 4 Responses to “Kiss Me, Stace’s 1st Poll: Heel Width”

    Jeanne Says:

    Wedges are so practical… walk in…..and depending on casual or dressy, the right style serves the need… loving them and hoping they stay in style for awhile

    Diana Says:

    Whatever the heel style is on my new (vintage) Ferragamos (that were only $35….I feel guilty mentioning designer w/o justifying it after your most recent post….hehe) - this is the heel I’ve been looking for, though it seems a bit hard to find. I’m not sure what it’s called…sorry

    Lilly Says:

    Medium and trendy, definitely.

    » * Kiss Me, Stace Says:

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