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Talbot’s Open-Toe Ballet Flats Review

May 3, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Talbot's Open-Toe Ballet Flats

Talbot’s Kidskin leather open-toe ballet flats are ironic perfection: soft, soft, lightweight, flexible, kid-skin leather ballet-style flats—but with no toe at all! The supple, crackled leather gives with the shape of your foot, so you get the comfiest fit (although that means wider toes can push the material out). Unfortunately, the sole and footbed are not very supportive, so they’re not the best for walking long distances. Almost just perfect! Oh, no, Talbot’s!

Still, I love their beautiful contrast of colors (I chose black and pewter [which will go with nearly everything!], and also adore the Gold/Silver) and that open toe is very sexy, as usual (natch!).

The best thing is that I’ve finally found and now own dressy black flats, like I’ve wanted since these Delia’s didn’t fit.

And then there’s the price, $84. But I considered the other options available for open-toed flats: rigid leather abounds. These are worth it if you’ve been eyeing the style since the cold winter months. Now’s the perfect time, don’t wait any longer!


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  • 3 Responses to “Talbot’s Open-Toe Ballet Flats Review”

    Califoria Style Says:

    Cute flats!

    Jan Says:

    I like the open toe for these… simple yet a bit different and fun! Also, they’ve got a lot of nicer colors than a lot of other ballet flats..

    Kiss Me, Stace * Entry » Says:

    […] […]

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