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Old Navy Madras Plaid Ad

May 26, 2006 at 4:00 pm by Designer Ella

Old Navy Madras Ad

Old Navy Madras AdSometimes when we see a new ad, we instantly have a hunch about what company it’s for. This started for me years ago with Gap’s dancing campaign. Then came the inevitable Must-See-TV Old Navy Ads. Now there are those crazy, crazy Target ads (so fun, though!). But now we again have Old Navy … with the dancing Gap once had.

It’s fun to document Old Navy’s ads, which can also be crazy in their own way … because the fashion is often … okay not to my liking.

The newest ad is for a plaid called Madras (you can view the ad through that link; shop women through this link), it’s quite a flannel-print plaid. The way they’ve done it, it looks like a bunch of homeless, but pretty, people running around.

(And more skinny legs; the main model looks like she can’t support herself on those.)

For some examples of more fashion … not to my liking, look below.

Old Navy Madras shortsOld Navy Madras sun dressOld Navy Madras blazer jacket

Oh, the horror! of tie dye plaid! And sundresses? Hobo blazers? There’s even childish embroidery on one pair of shorts.

What can I say, Old Navy horrifies me right on schedule, at least annually.


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  • 10 Responses to “Old Navy Madras Plaid Ad”

    Katie Says:

    Haha, okay. The ones you showed are ugly, hideous even, but I actually think this one’s cute an in “I would never wear it” way.
    As something I like to look at, I love it. I just don’t think it’s very flattering. Old Navy tends to be goofy, with their commercials and some of their clothing.

    Designer Ella Says:

    Yes, I even find the shoes all cute, but I wanted this post to have a singular point. I will post the shoes separately!

    Ooh, that top IS cute! I would perhaps wear it, but I’d want it in green. I’m not sure about its flatter-factor; I’d give it a chance and test it out. I love the cut, but maybe not the plaid.

    By the way, who said plaid was such a trend that Old Navy would dedicate so much stock to it?

    TheRunwayScoop Says:

    Old Navy Needs a Better Ad Campaign

    I have to agree with Designer Ella, the new Old Navy ad campaign is "not to my liking" either. (But hey, if you like it, I still love you!)  Old Navy needs to come out with something different instead of…

    Sarah Jean Snarker Says:

    Yes, the model’s legs make this commercial very depressing.

    Designer Ella Says:

    Yes, indeed, Sarah Jean. When I screen-capped the pictures, I was sure they were stretched oddly on the ‘net’s version, but then I saw the ad on my television again, and it turns out that the model’s even taller and thinner on T.V.

    Now I can’t get away from the ad, and must turn it off to hide from my sadness.

    In related news, I’ve been attempting to exercise more.

    Joni Hickey Says:

    The main problem with this ad is the word ‘madras’ is mispronounced! It’s not mad-dress - it’s MA-dress - like Ma and Pa! I am shocked that a big company like this would make such a stupid error!

    Designer Ella Says:

    Hmm, I kind of hear a mix between the two when I see the ad. It seems kind of Mah-dres.

    I hear it differently, and to me it’s pretty close.

    I actually have a problem with the word madras, wait no, it’s the madras style of plaid, itself. Just wrong and ugly.

    Designer Ella Says:

    I saw the ad again, and I think you are right, although it is a teensy bit in between any pronunciation. I know those things might be *hard* to research, but come on!

    Joni Hickey Says:

    My point in this, and other issues I’ve been addressing lately, is that as a society (individuals, companies, computer services, etc.) we should not consider a job done unless it’s done right. MY saying is ‘do it right the first time.’ This prevents costly maintenance in the future, as well as saving face, when we look pretty bad in presenting something that just isn’t right. We’re slipping here in America, in the quality of our products - becoming complacent in our attitudes, mediocre in our lives in general. So ask yourself… will this lead to good things? I don’t think so. We need to be tougher on our kids and make them responsiible for doing a good job, and instilling them with a strong work ethic. Or we’re going to hell in a handbasket!

    Em P Says:

    Quite honestly, I was not shocked AT ALL when I saw the Old Navy Madras commercial the first time. Since I went in my first Old Navy 7 years ago, I was horrified at the awful styles they were selling. I couldn’t believe (and still can’t believe) anyone would buy and wear their clothes! Hehehe. It shocks me that they are a division of GAP Inc along with GAP and Banana Republic!

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