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Introducing … Shortalls???!!!

May 7, 2006 at 2:00 pm by Designer Ella

Guess Denim ShortallsYou’ve got to be kidding me? Guess has fashioned a denim shortall—an overall .. of shorts.

I suppose the company really is taking shots in the dark. Well, women don’t dress with the lights out, and we don’t shop blindly (okay, we follow blind impulses, but that’s different). What do they expect? There was not an indication in the past ten years that this could catch on.

I suppose these have feminine—and updated—detailing, like the low scoop neck. But the low waist seems unflattering, and those long pockets definitely are. I even read there are back flap pockets. Wow, overalls are bulk-adding without all that.

And why am I discussing this as if it is serious? Well, it’s very scary! : I’m afraid it is


Categories : Fashion, Walk of Shame

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  • 3 Responses to “Introducing … Shortalls???!!!”

    Sarah-Jean Says:

    I think they are CUTE! I can picture Carrie Bradshaw wearing them with a pair of stilettos or something! I think it’s definitely out there and not traditional, but I think certain women could pull it off and look fantastic!

    TheRunwayScoop Says:

    Could 90’s Fashion Be the Next Trend?

    Ok, they say that fashion comes back in cycles…. Well, right now we’re back to the 80’s with leggings and the sort.  It’s quite scary that it makes me feel old when fashion starts to recycle.  This is my first…

    Designer Ella Says:

    Yes, I was young, then. Hmm, yes: overalls are for children.

    Sarah-Jean: the neckline is pretty cute, I’ll give you that.

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