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Pretty Enough for a Bride: Dior Romantique

May 1, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Dior Trotter Romantique Small Flap BagI have been planning my wedding recently, despite–or because of–all my dating hopes falling through. There’s also been the added aggravation and inspiration from my cousin’s wedding plans. Why not I? I say. I will have my day. (And don’t you forget it, Nans!)

So I come back (external blog from Pursed Lips) to see the lovely Dior Trotter Romantique bags as choices for my bridal handbag. They classically return, and hopefully will … when did my aunt mention something about when my big day would be … there was the word, “forever.” Hmm. Anyway, hopefully there will be a selection when I do get engaged. Of course, it would mean I’d need off-white details, perhaps a bow! And no sequins, but embroidery.

Dior Trotter Romantique Small ToteBelieve it or not, moi even doesn’t like the idea of tailoring my dress to a silly handbag dream. (Gasp!) I have separate dreams for a gown, and these handbag-inspired thoughts just cost more imaginary money. (And imaginary money is something most people do not have! Oh yes!)

But if I were to choose a Romantique bag as my bridal bag, wouldn’t it be this Small Tote—so I could have my flowers popping out of them? Oh yes. (And there would be a protective bag inside the bridal bag. Bien sûr!!!)

So, on I dream … while alone I sleep. (And curse those men!)

Bags available for purchase at eLUXURY.


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