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Earthy Merchandise

April 8, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Earth Day, April 22nd (and the coming-up Arbor Day, April 28th) is a time for change for such a caring fashionista as I. Can I get crunchy? Maybe not. Could I get preachy? You know it. But also, I can promote simpler, themed merchandise, and even perhaps, just maybe, catch it quickly; a plain canvas tote with simply a logo, depicting a positive message. Why not go all out, eh?

Whoa, hold back. Let’s go a little out, subtly.

Earth Day / Arbor Day Merchandise

Café Press, of course, offers all sorts of home-designed, artistic tees, etc. And they have a great supply of prints for this occasion, with a discount to celebrate the importance. After all, it’s the only occasion for such a tote as pictured.

“Earth Day, Every Day” is a great slogan for products to boast this month. Or a sticker or such to display all year. But earthy fashions, please, only on this day. Every day view, one day appearance.


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  • One Response to “Earthy Merchandise”

    jill danyelle Says:

    And here is the link to the comment that didn’t take. If you read it there all the links will be visible. Happy Earth Day… think hip not hippie:

    The notion that you have to sacrifice style for sustainability is dying. No need to go crunchy to be green. Just check out my designer of the month for April. And then check out March’s, February’s, January’s, December’s and November’s or some of the daily photos or the looks from the future fashion show (featured in Barney’s windows) to see what is possible with today’s eco fabrics. ELLE’s May issue, as well as Vanity Fair’s, is green. While I applaud you for acknowledging Earth Day, some of the items from cafe press are not printed on organic cotton, so buyer beware. Sustainable style is more about the choices we make everyday. Instead of buying a conventional cotton t-shirt with an Earth logo that you may never wear again, why not treat yourself to a cool organic t from Loomstate, Edun or stewart+brown. You don’t have to buy a brand new Prius to reduce global warming, but maybe think about changing some lightbulbs to CFLs or signing up for green power. People don’t need to make radical changes, but if we all do one small thing, that is big.

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