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March 15, 2006 at 9:58 pm by Designer Ella

I’m not so trendy when it comes to media. I don’t watch Project Runway like I should, like I do want to. I’m actually more into Beauty and the Geek! And it’s quite cool to do my own thing. When I watch it, I feel like I am a lot of both sides (the good parts :-P). It makes me feel special; I have my own unique personality.

The hits are with Project Runway blogging, but I’m happy to have my own shows. I have to be myself. Besides, with school, homework, work and fashion shows, who has time? :-)

On the other hand, my hair stylist told me about some of the tasks the contestants had, and it really sounds like a good show. I need to check it out, but somebody remind me when the new season comes on and what time!

It’s only about quality entertainment, really; not following. Ok, a little following… ;-)


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  • One Response to “Anti-Trend”

    Maria Palma Says:

    I fell in love with “Beauty & The Geek”. It’s great to see people change like that and for them to realize their own uniqueness as well as insecurities.

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