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Unflattering Prints are Trendy?

February 22, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Urban Outfitters is at the out.fitting, again, but this time they only have their trend following to blame.

Urban Outfitters Stripes & Prints

First, we must mention the Spring 2006 trend: nautical-inspired, navy-toned stripes. Fine. But they’re always laid out horizontally. Doesn’t everyone know that horizontal stripes widen the figure? Models can scrape by with the look, but all women beneft from an accentuated waist, the larger want slimmer hips, and most look better with a taller appearance. Conversely, mixed diagonal lines coming in to an arrow point is actually flattering. They can create that waist or emphasize a bust (like in this photo).

Next (on the right) Urban Outfitters displays a von Furstenberg-ready print in a tunic-sack shaped frock. What’s worse is there’s a wide, white band across the widest part of a woman’s body: the thighs. It removes the view of the natural waist and moves it down, which forces odd proportions onto the body.

I don’t know what designers are thinking, but as women we should carefully consider these aspects of what we buy to adorn our bodies!


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