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Season Trend Cycle

February 12, 2006 at 4:12 pm by Designer Ella

So, who else got drearily sick of Fashion Week? Well, it’s over, right? … Next, there’s London, Milan, Paris and then Toronto … Toronto??!! Ah, yes. Last and least.

Although I love discussing in length the shows I find most noteworthy, and I still have Oscar and Nanette, I couldn’t push myself to stomach it, since Friday. I need something else.

Also, clothes-overload led me to quite obsessively need to shop.

Ella's Sketch of Season Color & Print DressThis week was the odd fast forward of seasons, which both puts a higher focus on and a greater disregard for it, at once. I applaud any attention to the importance of warmth in the colder months, but I can’t get excited about it when Spring is on its way. But wait—we’re still mid-winter here (6 more weeks!) so shouldn’t I be much more into it?

This was all enough to confuse me so much, I felt it physically: twisted stomach and blurry eyes.

We the fashionable follow style changes, seasonally. There are the color rules: no white after labor day, but winter white rocks-us (leaving people confused about cutoffs and just plain why this all is “so”). There is the odd color leeway: “Spring” pastels and brights for all!!!—despite skin tone or personality.

It makes sense for seasonal climates to at least change top thickness and bottom lengths, but then why do we make any allowance to excuse open-toed high heels all year round?

This is, you may not know, strictly for the fashion-conscious areas of the world (even this country). Outside of urban and suburban areas, sure, it’s different. It’s also different for season-free locations. Of course, you’d figure people in Florida wear shorts whatever the month (and natives wear pants and sweaters when tourists don capris and 3/4 length sleeves). But colors, prints, and styles are like a free-for-all! Late Autumn is still a Summerland with neon shades, Bermuda anything, even Hawaii prints. It’s quite as frightening as it sounds. I blame the vacationers, but I see no proper excuse … because I always followed the seasonal colors and trends. That’s even a little scary, as well.

This year, I’m breaking out a little. At the end of last Summer, I bought new bags for the upcoming season, and kept them in my closet for weeks, even months. A couple I no longer wanted when it was time to bring them out. Crazy.

Now, I have a whole feeling I think I’ll stick with for a while (and that means longer than three months). And color rules are a strictly personal thing, mostly based on my “coloring.” I will never buy a “cool” wardrobe that’s pastel, ever again; I can’t do it. I want to wear what flatters me, so I’ll stick to my rules.

It might be hard with magazines and catwalks doing what they’ve always done—and the trendy stores in February stocked with Easter candy, baby-mature toned clothing. But not for me, it’s all revolting, because I have conviction.

So, this argument is for style over fashion. No, what does that even mean? It’s a certain thing to me, but could be different for any of us. I suggest for everyone to do what is right for the individual. But then again, maybe it’s not completely an argument; I just want to encourage thinking.

Thanks to Fashion Tribes and thanks that this tired-me put in a hard-worked piece and that it actually fits with Fashion Week. Ha ha!


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