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Archive for December 26th, 2005

Style Steal: Designer Copies

December 26, 2005 at 12:38 pm by Designer Ella

Though shalt not create false idols or worship any other designers but the haute, right?

Well, putting a false logo on a knockoff is wrong, so probably is putting key signature elements of a designer on a brand name bag, and definitely is trying to sell replica bags as authentic. But what about when a known brand takes inspiration from big designers of bags with even bigger pricetags? What about if this bag is actually well-made with genuine leather, and doesn’t do one of the 3 Deadly Purse Sins I mentioned?

There will be big disagreement on this issue, but perhaps what we have then is a great Style Steal Bargain.

Wilson's Leather Turn-Lock Handbag - RedWilson’s Leather crafts well-made genuine leather bags, but their own design team isn’t leading in original thought. The nicest bags from them are copied from true inspiration-worthy sources. Is this wrong? Well, at least you know this bag won’t fall apart, and nothing’s a blatant knockoff. Wilson’s Leather is a reputable source of leather goods, from jackets to wallets.

I even bought for myself this Turn-Lock Handbag (now $60 from $200). The bag doesn’t have a lock and key, zips at the top, with a faux flap for decoration, and has two shoulder straps. It’s those little convenient differences that caters this bag more to my needs—apologies to Hermes.

Wilson\'s Leather Gathered Drawstring Bag - PlumHere are two bags with I can tell where the inspiration comes from, but these have different design elements, definitely: the Rhinestone Leash Briefcase, a la Luella (but $280 from $400); and this un-marked Marc inspired, Push-Lock Satchel (marked down to $42 from $140).

Finally, is my favorite for it’s shape, perfect details, and quality leather-on-tonal-trim-leather; the Gathered Drawstring Bag. There is a real argument for a Theda look without the overpriced Louis Vuitton monogram or cheesy “canvas” used on those bags. This bag looks even better at a delicious $48! (from $150).

Is this less of style for a steal, and more stealing style? You may let me know. If you want a different take on this issue, visit Pursed Lips.

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Treat Yourself Days

December 26, 2005 at 11:43 am by Designer Ella

It’s Treat Yourself Days at Kiss Me, Stace, whether it be with peeks at luxury, great ideas for spending your holiday money (or leftover cash, holiday bonus, or new paycheck), or wrappable warmth for these wintry days.

I may even offer a few surprises AND entertain the intellectual part of your brain (the part that cares about other things besides preety shoes).

So relax, this time is about you, and it’s about lavishing yourself in the way you deserve. Stay browsed in this time of enjoying the gifts of the season!

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