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Archive for December 25th, 2005

The 12 Gifts of Christmas

December 25, 2005 at 11:07 am by Designer Ella

What do I want for Christmas from my true-love-to-be?
12 whole days of gifts would be my first dream!

And for the 12 days of Christmas, my dream man gives to me …

12 COACH handbags,
$11,000 Birkin,
$10,000 Visa Gift Card,
9 Pocketed, D&B Medium Saddle Bag,
$8,000 Dior Watch,
$7,000 Lizard ChloƩ,
6 pairs of Manolo Blahniks,
Chanel No. 5,
4 Burberry Winter Accessories,
3 Elliot Lucca Bags,
$200 Marc Quilted Velvet bag,
And a Cole Haan Mini Lunch Tote!

Happy Holidays! Over the coming days, I’m going to feature a few of the items from this list!

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