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Archive for December 6th, 2005

Carols of the Blogs: Spend the Dough!

December 6, 2005 at 4:23 pm by Designer Ella

This is the second edition of the Carols of the Blogs:

Oh, the halls in the mall are frightful,
But the gifts are so delightful.
I’ve got a better place to go,
To spend the dough, spend the dough, spend the dough!

The Internet’s the place for shopping,
And there’s no need to do it ’til dropping.
The same sales are there, the prices are low!
So spend the dough, spend the dough, spend the dough!

When mid-month finally arrives,
How you’ll hate going out in the storm!
Warm, online you can shop all night,
And by the Eve, guaranteed, it will come!

For presents, the children are crying,
And the wife urges you, “more buying!”
So, as long as you love them so,
Spend the dough, spend the dough, spend the dough!

- - - - - - - -

I’m also singing “Let it Snow … Day!” Oh, my! all the work I have! I could use the break. And I just adore the “white stuff.”

At least I have most of my Holiday Shopping finished (do you?). And this tough semester’s coming to a close, shortly, but that far from means it’s “winding down.” This is going to be *frightful*, in its own way, and I’ll be quite busy! But I’m trying! See you!

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Turn Google into Shoesle (with flavored search)!

Designer Moon Boots?!

December 6, 2005 at 4:21 pm by Designer Ella

Moon Boots. TRUMPED UP by designer, Emilio Pucci?!


I know it’s frigid, I know it’s slushy. But I don’t get it!

Any Moon Boot is a Moot! Adding a coveted pattern and golden frills doesn’t help.

I–I just don’t understand, I mean, picture the trudging! We have gravity, here!

There are so many alternatives that are indeed warm. Get shopping!

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The Best Gifts - by Store - The Gap

December 6, 2005 at 3:38 pm by Designer Ella

Let’s face it, at this point, you need a little help in deciding what to get those girls on your list. I’m here to take you shopping, store by store, for the best deals on the best gifts. Readers, if you like anything on these lists, forward them to your family, friends, or boyfriend!

First up, You can shop online right here with me and have your items delivered! Free shipping on orders over $100, and free returns at any ubiquitous Gap location.

Gap Sherpa Booties Cerulean Blue and Purple OrchidAt the Gap this year, it’s all about bein’ cozy. What better way to warm her heart? (than with ice, but that’s on another level).

At The Gap, you can get great, basic yet trendy items at reasonable prices. They even have cashmere—or for those allergic to wool, acrylic feels even better. They have a great assortment of the subduedly trendy Capelets & Shawls (one upgrade from ponchos, these are actually trĂ©s chic!). If the tough lady on your list is a fabulista, check out the Faux Fur Capelet, she will look divine, while being kind to animals–and you?

Sometimes, you’re comfortable around the person—around the house. If you’re in a *special place* with someone, share the fuzzies by giving Wintry Warm Pajamas or Sherpa Bootie slippers (oh, so nice for these coming months!). Then, if you two are romantically inclined, you can snuggle together! (Or maybe you could save on heating, and spend more on presents–like that ice!)

Need more ideas? Of course, you do! Keep clicking back in for more entries!

Next stop on our shopping trip: Bath & Body Works!

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