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Archive for December 5th, 2005

Winter Accessories - by Brand - Burberry

December 5, 2005 at 7:41 pm by Designer Ella

Winter’s here! which means snow is on the ground for a lot of us, and some chilly days are bound for most of us. Brand by Brand, I’ll take you through the best winter accessories: scarves, hats, & gloves (even a few mittens?). First up, obviously, it’s Burberry! and there are more than scarves!

Burberry Check Earmuffs Nova CheckThey’ve got the classic Cashmere Muffler ($225) in Nova Check, Classic Check, and even Black and Pink/Red. They’ve got it in many other colors, too, including pale pink, baby blue, and deep purple ($250). They have tonal check ($250) in many singular shades. If you love Burberry for the nerdesque quality, then you’ll understand the Argyle Scarf ($330). They even have fun pom-pom scarves ($350). And if you want to go all out faaabulista, how about this Shearling Happy Scarf ($450)?

They do have matching items, oh yes, not just scarves!

The Boxy Quilted Jacket ($345) is lined in check fabric to start your outer-ensemb’ right! The Suede Gloves ($250) with check lining are luxurious and subtle. They have a Cashmere Cap in Nova Check ($275). And call me happy, I just love the Check Earmuffs, lined in shearling (for only $110!). Compared to the other noted prices; it’s my Check mate!

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