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Archive for November, 2005

Luxurious At-Home Salon Treatment

November 27, 2005 at 4:54 pm by Designer Ella

All the ladies on your list deserve to be lavished in only the finest of luxuries—but you don’t have to pay for expensive spa visits—for you or your friends. Treat yourselves to Bath & Body Works products for the at-home salon treatment.

Bath & Body Works wants you to “be good to your hands” with their products, and we wholeheartedly agree. Your hands do the dirty work, all day long, of lugging shopping bags, pulling out your credit card and fumbling through your fabulous purse—shouldn’t your skin be soft and manicure look on par with your designer leather handbag? Even staying at home, your fingers type on the keyboard and dial buttons on your phone! The polish needs to be maintained; the rough patches need to be kept at bay!

Bath & Body Works Pumice BrushAnd don’t forget the footsies! All that trudging through malls will wreak havoc on your soles! You need a Fizzy Foot Soak! And you’ll need attractive toesies peeping out from the golden (the color!) sandals or slides you should treat yourself to for those holiday and New Year’s parties! You’ll need a pumice brush, a buffer, a lotion and a fabu polish color!

Keep in mind, all your girlfriends are dropping just as hard as you, this season, remember them when it comes to spoiling and lavishing! You could make it a party!

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Turn Google into Shoesle (with flavored search)!

Best “Places” to Shop Today

November 25, 2005 at 2:11 pm by Designer Ella

Post-Thanksgiving shopping, especially on Black Friday (with its doorbusters) is crazy! I say, shop online at the best stores–and still get some deals!

Banana Republic Cashmere V-neck — Find everything from books and CDs to doggie duds and even food. I mean they have practically everything!

Banana — This is the place to go for special luxury items she may not normally buy. Check out their cashmere section.

Bath and Body — Most women appreciate one gift from Bath and Body Works each year. The Gift Sets are always charming, and fill your needs in a pinch. B&BW are perfect for little items in her stocking, Santa!

Bath & Body Works Sequined Bow Box Warm Vanilla SugarCrate and — The delightful shop has all your home needs, plus tasty cooking and holiday decoration treats. I think they have the best Ball Ornaments, anywhere. — A great stop for fulfilling basic apparel needs. November 25 — 27, buy one item, buy 2nd for 50% off.

Circuit (and Circuit City!) — Technical gadgets & media. This store is actually a cheat for the list. I include it because you can place an order online, then head right out (or lazily later head out) to your nearest Circuit City to pick it up. Your order will be ready in 24 minutes and you’ll avoid too much craziness.

Pier 1 — Pier 1 is a lovely shop filled with unique, precious gifts for the home. What’s really great about them during the holidays, though, is especially their fab, fab gift wrap!

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Can You Get Gift Satisfaction?

November 25, 2005 at 1:01 pm by Designer Ella

Do you return a lot of your gifts? Are you the dastardly re-gifter? I never hold on to one of my favorite presents : cold hard cash. If I can pick out some clothing and accessories, I’m content. Receive enough money for something Coach? Blissful.

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Smooth, Secretive Gifting

November 23, 2005 at 5:40 pm by Designer Ella

My family likes to get holiday shopping done before even Black Friday. I, generally, like to accomplish most of it in the solitude and calm of my bedroom computer chair! I have been, however, shopping for fun and picking up a few things (including sweaters for moi, oh yes).

On the first official season trip I embarked on with a couple members of my family, there was a smidgen of crazy going on. (Yes, my family’s one of the daft ones.) Yes, I bring it up to complain again, but this time it is just a funny story…

I was about to pay for a few items for my Mum, when my Aunt placed an item on the “rack.” It was a little stocking giftee I’d mentioned would be nice for a certain … name with an “L.” In some confusion, I had become expected to pay for my own present!

The loons!

Well, I refused, natch. Yet, I know it shall be mine. ;-)

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Cold Weather Footwear Inspires “Cool” Tee

November 22, 2005 at 4:25 pm by Designer Ella

Uggs are not cool Ugg tee shirt

Depicted: [Ugg boot] Not Cool.

Hate Uggly Uggs? This “says it all” tee is sure to be a hit, and is cooler than the “real thing.”

Designed by Paul Frank, sold at Delia’s for $22 (buy two graphic tees, save $10).

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Ugly Shoe Outlet Find

November 18, 2005 at 6:19 pm by Designer Ella

Ugly Shoe

There is a vast stretch of urban wonderland called Sawgrass Mills, a 1.5 mile long mall filled largely with outlets. It’s a good thing. Not so nice are some of the sale-rack finds, such as this t-strap high-heel espadrille platform.


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Shoe Fly!

November 18, 2005 at 5:46 pm by Designer Ella

Earth KharmaAirport-safe shoes?
Fuhgetaboudit, they’re ugly!

I’ve flown many times, and not once were my fabulous shoes hijacked by a stylish terrorist! It’s sick and dirty that I have to put my precious shoes through the belt and walk barefoot, but I live through the painful situation every time! And I end up in a fabulous, usually tropical, setting!

What people should be concerned with is the issue of filling up half my suitcase with the necessary assortment of shoes. I mean, allow more luggage and allow more carry-ons! I don’t need the worry of me going to Ft. Lauderdale and my shoes ending up in Cleveland — or worse! on some other lady’s feet!


I hope you and your footwear will be happy and safe this holiday trip!

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Sore Receiver? Be a Spirited Giver

November 4, 2005 at 12:06 am by Designer Ella

I see that the personification satire in my post-birthday entry was not widely well-accepted. I mean that I can be a brat, and this site is in a material world, so why not outlet those feelings on my blog, to set them free and better understand & perceive my own issues? Partly, I hope fellow material girls will recognize it. I put a meaning and positional spin on my whine to give it some good use—which was not completely understood. And I apologize.

KT brought up a point that was part of my intended message. We need to be more giving. Seek out a gift that comes from your creativity, and not necessarily always your checkbook. Some of my longest lasting, favorite presents are from my best friend—who doesn’t have a large bank account, but knows my interests. It’s a difficult task to accomplish with my ever-changing finickiness!

I do pride myself in my gifting abilities, KT. I approach the sport with an eyeing, artful science. Call me a professional shopper in that way. I’m always heartily thanked after the act, and am in nervous twitters right before. I care.

I tried to come at the argument from a rear-end viewpoint. Now, I join KT and plainly say, Be a spirited giver!


Stand Up Against Gift Scrooges

November 2, 2005 at 3:50 pm by Designer Ella

Well, my Birthday has passed, with hardly a hoot … but plenty of dollar. I still feel gypped for the lack of unwrapping. People like to outstretch our wish list (singular) through birthdays and Christmas (oh, but I have a new list, then!) I’m worth more than that (and I know the prices of those few items). Out-of-the loop relatives should never get away with not even knowing what “they got” us! Your mother writing Dad’s name on a card?! We must take a stand! What about that present you witnessed being purchased, but disappeared at giving time? The promised check by a suddenly lazy mom? Stand up! $20 in a card if one’s over 15? Stand tall! This is each and every one of our singular, special days to rock that diva and live like a princess!

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