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Archive for June 15th, 2005

Michael Jackson Flies Free, Like His Idol, Pan

June 15, 2005 at 9:25 pm by Designer Ella

Michael Jackson\'s strange fashionSo, Michael Jackson was acquitted. Doesn’t your poor mind need time to let that sink in? No, I’m sure we’d rather not think about it. There’s definitely something wrong with him, no matter what the truth really is. For a while, I proclaimed he was an alien. That nose is not human.

Something has seriously changed in him since his “Bad” days. Can you believe Peter-Pan-Wannabe even sang that song? No, I can’t.

It’s as if whatever damages his skin got to his brain and melted portions away, leaving him a defenseless pup of a man. This poor person has been damaged by something. He wears strange navy-type suits (as in a General on a ship). Now he wears pajamas out in public! There’s nothing worse than that … oh, yeah, and he has some kind of strange relations with young children in his bed. That’s bad, too.

I kid! I kid! We are a fashion blog, so I focus on the fashion crime. Seriously, adults touching the children is heinous. I watch SVU.

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