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Archive for May, 2005

Spring Green Manolos

May 31, 2005 at 11:59 pm by Designer Ella

Manolo Blahnik Lime Kagawasli
I hope to find for you a different look from Manolo Blahnik every week, and further our education on the most well-known of the shoe designers, but I chose this lime green shoe, because it just reaches out into my heart. It makes one fall in love and into happiness, does it not?

It is my favourite colour; Spring Green, I call it; says Blahnik, Lime. But more important in this Kagawasli, are the unique lines of its dainty bows.

This shoe is pure loveliness.

Today, we do learn that Manolo is a designer of the utmost and ultimate shoe for not only women, but ladies.

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Nicole, Dump that Schlump!

May 31, 2005 at 3:37 pm by Designer Ella

I was hunting down pictures of celebrity recent fashion upgrade, Nicole Richie, and saw a total downgrade of an accessory - her fiancé of 4 months, Adam Goldstein. Yes, girls, Men are Accessories. Dress them well; after all, if he’s yours, he’s not gay.

DJ AM (ahem, AM sounds like the lame-o radio broadcasting system, it doesn’t represent cool tunes for me) is creepy. Look at his poser-cool-boy stare *shudder*.

Check out these pictures, Adam is not a compliment to the runway, and he turns Nicole into an accessory of a fashion crime. Don’t get caught in pictures with a schlub while you’re looking fabulous, girls!

Nicole Richie and fiancé, Adam Goldstein - complete with Ella\'s fashion snark

Meanwhile, Paris just got engaged to … Paris.


Gucci Signature Shoes

May 30, 2005 at 11:06 pm by Designer Ella

Gucci Signature Pumps - PurpleMy Best Friend Forever likes to tease me about liking “Signature shoes.” He knows about my obsessions, but has the bags and shoes confused.

The truth is, when most handbag designers do shoes in Signature patterns, it is a humorous attempt to gauge money from us. But these daringly-high-heeled Gucci purple-trim ankle strap pumps are impressive, even exquisite, in comparison.

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Floss the Star’s Style

May 30, 2005 at 10:30 pm by Designer Ella

I’ve been informed about a website, FLOSS in Style, which showcases celebrity fashion and where to get similar items, to “floss” the style. Users can find alternatives to celeb’ outfits by selecting a star from a list, viewing different photos, and using the sidebar to the right of each picture. All of the featured figures on the site are famous for being fashion icons, as well as their respective talents. Most of the alternative items are a lot less expensive than the “real” thing (unless it IS the real thing). There are sometimes extra variations of a similar bag, etc. The site has some neat scripting, including little thumbnails of products and a nifty “zoom” feature to really focus in on a neat handbag or fabulous strappy sandals. The “shop” is even interactive; you can submit your own suggestions.

I’ve signed up and have suggested many items, I played there for nearly two hours my first night and had such a blast. I’ll keep going back.

There are new pictures, items, and celebrities being added continuously, so keep checking yourself!

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Marc Jacobs; Poor and Desperate

May 28, 2005 at 5:33 pm by Designer Ella

Marc Jacobs Tank & Color Block Skirt from Bergdorf Goodman Fall Collection The World of Marc Multicolor WhiteMarc Jacobs Tank & Colorblock Skirt

Marc! Marc, Marc, Marc, Marc! I could have created that!

I now have the memory of little ella as a wee one with her Barbies. I used to sew and alter their clothing. Oh, yes, the wonderful memories of the fashion-loving child who turned into … just me.

End of cutesy memory sequence brings us back to this dreadful present. The tank?! THE TANK?! For $68, oh, please! Hanes offers more style (not necessarily great style) for $7 and up.

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Manolo Blahnik Ballet Pump

May 24, 2005 at 8:58 pm by Designer Ella

Manolo Blahnik Balleri Black Ballet Pumps Gasp! THIS is the perfect Manolo Blahnik shoe for me! It has the moderate heel and neutral color for wearing anytime anywhere. It is classic, with a bow that is sophisticated, not overtly girly. It looks like a classic pump kissed with ballet skimmer style.

And, joy of joys, it has the lovely name; Balleri. *swoon*

Alas, my purse will have to grow 8 times for me to afford such a shoe.

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Manolo Brings COLOR to Dreary Days

May 24, 2005 at 8:40 pm by Designer Ella

Again, it is the bad weather, and again we need the colour. Okay, the south and the west are BEAUTIFUL, but my part of the country is facing a horrible Nor’easter and record cold temperatures. We still ALL need the color, especially New Englanders, quite desperately.

Also, last week’s Manolos were all the dark shoes, although quite stylish and very happy in their own right. (Imagine being GIVEN a pair! That would cause happiness.)

Manolo Blahnik Whimsical Blue and Green Gialimu Lace Up Mules This week, I have just the ticket. Such shoes that will bring immense happiness, starting with your eyes and heading downward.

Manolo Blahnik bright, bright, bright blue and green “Gialimu” Lace Up Mules. Oh, the joy. When Manolo does color, he does COLOUR! Of course, when Manolo does classic he DOES CLASSIC, no doubt. But today is the COLOR on this blog of the fashion from this writer in the dreary weather. Oh, yes.

Doesn’t the lacing make you equally as happy? (You’ve got to click to see the larger picture!)

(Pssst.. the Manolo party continues at Breathless.)

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The Book with Heart and Sole

May 23, 2005 at 4:04 pm by Designer Ella

I have some time to do personal reading, now that it’s summer, and I finally have in my hands a book that I’ve wanted to read for a while now. It’s Heart and Sole : The Shoes of My Life, and I’ll share my review with you.

Book by Jane Eldershaw : Heart and Sole : The Shoes of My LifeThis book is a must-read for any shoe enthusiast. I didn’t even have to sit down and immerse myself, before I knew I loved it; simply paging through got me excited to read it. After reading the first two paragraphs, Heart and Sole was locked in as a true favorite.

“The Shoes of My Life” is more than a memoir for the shoe lover. It’s filled with adorable, humorous illustrations, shoe-loving quotes and wording to make the true shoe-aholic swoon over “just how true!” what the author says is. I’ve never felt so justified in my obsession, but now I don’t feel shame, I even feel virtuous for my addiction. Were you worried that your predilection might say you’re shallow or materialistic? (What? Did I say that?) Well, NO!

There’s a direct correlation: The more shoes a woman owns, the nicer person she turns out to be. The more she obsesses about footwear, the more normal she becomes.

It’s true.

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The High Fashion Blog; Breathless!

May 22, 2005 at 5:18 pm by Designer Ella

My new fashion blog for the haute couture has opened; Breathless!

You know when a shoe is so fabulous that you gasp, lose your breath, or become afluttered? That is this blog.

There will be many designer shoes, exquisite apparel, some refined handbags, critiques, as well as my writing style.

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Dreamy Lace Dress from Marc Jacobs

May 22, 2005 at 2:32 pm by Designer Ella

Marc Jacobs Lace Dress Neiman Marcus This Lace Dress, from Marc Jacobs, is a dream for me. It, which is overly feminine, even little-girly, sweet, tee-time-attending, youthful, etc., is the perfect little-black-dress for my personality.

• White with sheer black floral lace overlay, grosgrain ribbon with bow around waist.

Gorgeous. I believe it would look fabulous with my curvy figure. Ohh, give me the money, please! (This dress alone is $2,000, so I need the fabulous wealth.)

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