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Style Steal: Designer Copies

December 26, 2005 at 12:38 pm by Designer Ella

Though shalt not create false idols or worship any other designers but the haute, right?

Well, putting a false logo on a knockoff is wrong, so probably is putting key signature elements of a designer on a brand name bag, and definitely is trying to sell replica bags as authentic. But what about when a known brand takes inspiration from big designers of bags with even bigger pricetags? What about if this bag is actually well-made with genuine leather, and doesn’t do one of the 3 Deadly Purse Sins I mentioned?

There will be big disagreement on this issue, but perhaps what we have then is a great Style Steal Bargain.

Wilson's Leather Turn-Lock Handbag - RedWilson’s Leather crafts well-made genuine leather bags, but their own design team isn’t leading in original thought. The nicest bags from them are copied from true inspiration-worthy sources. Is this wrong? Well, at least you know this bag won’t fall apart, and nothing’s a blatant knockoff. Wilson’s Leather is a reputable source of leather goods, from jackets to wallets.

I even bought for myself this Turn-Lock Handbag (now $60 from $200). The bag doesn’t have a lock and key, zips at the top, with a faux flap for decoration, and has two shoulder straps. It’s those little convenient differences that caters this bag more to my needs—apologies to Hermes.

Wilson\'s Leather Gathered Drawstring Bag - PlumHere are two bags with I can tell where the inspiration comes from, but these have different design elements, definitely: the Rhinestone Leash Briefcase, a la Luella (but $280 from $400); and this un-marked Marc inspired, Push-Lock Satchel (marked down to $42 from $140).

Finally, is my favorite for it’s shape, perfect details, and quality leather-on-tonal-trim-leather; the Gathered Drawstring Bag. There is a real argument for a Theda look without the overpriced Louis Vuitton monogram or cheesy “canvas” used on those bags. This bag looks even better at a delicious $48! (from $150).

Is this less of style for a steal, and more stealing style? You may let me know. If you want a different take on this issue, visit Pursed Lips.


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