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Big eLUXURY Post-Holiday Deals

December 29, 2005 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

Sales can be exciting, like a department store offering that bag you’ve eyed from the beginning at over $100 off. But sometimes the marked-down selection can be small or disappointing—or barely a bargain. So I’m scouting out my favorites at the eLUXURY Post-Holiday Sale.

For handbags, it’s these two Marc Jacobs Collection Guinevere style bags. The Soft Calf Medium Guinevere is a satchel made of soft leather, in a divine teal, with a dark, matching suede flap, and refreshingly different push lock. Nearly a hidden secret, is a horizontal belt, cinching its gathered sides.

Marc Jacobs Guinevere Style Bags

Even more interesting and kicky, if relatively less of a bargain, is the collection’s Soft Calf Cosmetics Pouch. The drop-shaped flap is aligned on one side of the bag, and when the top is unzippered, the open clasp reveals funky hardware that really works it. In the same fine materials as the Guinevere Satchel, and at 7.5″ width and 2″ diameter, I’d definitely carry this as a clutch—but it still carries that high end price of $228. Le sigh.

Pucci Ankle Rain BootNow, the shoe section is where this gets really exciting for me. The Pucci Ankle Rain Boot, similar to the Pucci Printed Rain Boots I posted about in October, are on sale from $145 to $89!! A designer shoe (if rubber and for the rain) with a famous Pucci print is selling for under $100! Well, since I’ve been eyeing them for a discount for months, now. I scooped a pair right up.

There are a lot of gorgeous shoes on sale, although not for as little, and not in as many sizes as that boot (36, 37, 38, 39, 40). So, I’ll just encourage you to shop around for yourself. I hope you luck out!


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