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When it Rains, Wear Pucci

October 17, 2005 at 5:17 pm by Designer Ella

Pucci Caledonia Rain BootIt’s raining, it’s pouring, your old boots are storing (hiding in their ugly chunkiness). Are you prepared for this Fall weather, yet? Forget Fall, rainy periods are frequent throughout the calendar year. We’re still in Hurricane season, too, so let’s not assume the floods have “Sprung” and gone. Maybe those boots you grabbed for last Spring seemed great at first, but odds are they really don’t make the style grade (even if they have worked out to protect your tootsies).

Pucci Caledonia Rubber Rain BootFor the ultimate in High Style waterproof gear (that could even double as a standard Autumn–even winter??!!–boot), you must consider this Pucci “Caledonia” printed rubber rain boot (in sophisticated grey and vivid violet, for even more whimsy). Don’t even count it out based on the usual Pucci pricetag (from the several hundreds), oh no, this little number’s under $160 (with free shipping, oh yes). even offers a price guarantee, and you can trust this little researcher; they can’t be beat.

And you and your feet won’t be soaked in those downpours, season after season, for you will be prepared. Order now to receive these beautiful necessities asap!


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