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Cape Cod Necessities

August 5, 2005 at 5:08 pm by Designer Ella

Some of you may still be able to steal away for an August trip. I’m going to squeeze every last bit of vacation I can get out of the coming month. I had quite a time in July, myself, what with sunburns (our society’s love of tans caused a naughty carelessness in who used to be an anti-sun-stickler me) and an injurious car accident (don’t worry), but I’m reliving the good-ole-days at my favorite Summer destination, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Cape Cod Shoes:

Reef Palm Beach Seashell Flip Flops

Reef “Palm Beach” Sea Shell Flip Flops (pink as shown)
(Brown and more sizes.)

Other Cape Cod Necessities for the modern lady:

1. Strong SPF *new* sunblock and face-complimenting, yet effective shades.
2. The perfect, adorable swimsuit.
3. Cute Baseball Cap to wear in water over ponytail.
4. Fashionable sun hat to wear relaxing on the beach.
5. Comfortable sandals/flip flops that are cute, but able to get dirty for beach strolls and the sandy Cape.
6. Trashable flip flops to wear home from swimming at the beach.
7. Sneakers for walking.
8. A huge, cheap beach bag, for bringing to the actual beach.
9. A fashionable, yet relatively inexpensive tote or beach bag, to use as your everyday handbag. Don’t bring anything overtly designer, expensive, or luxurious. The Cape’s so casual, it will drive you crazy, but you’ll probably come to love the atmosphere, fun, and laxe times, in spite of that!
10. A float and/or boogie board.
11. A super cute beach towel.
12. A few books, stack of magazines, and picnic snacks for the beach.
13. Casual, summer attire. (Remember, it’s a bit cooler on the ocean-front Cape.)


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