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Summer Sandals to Cool Your Soul

June 5, 2005 at 6:29 pm by Designer Ella

I’m baking here. Who can do much physically in this weather? Before our air conditioning is turned on for the summer, I figure I can at least blog. I plan to shop shoe stores online until I drop from the heat. For each of our 3 blogs, I’ll be scouting out cool summer finds.

I’m not only featuring stylish summer sandals, but the 3 pairs I’ve chosen for you today are all flats. That sounds refreshing on a day like today, when one just needs to relax, doesn’t it? They’re still ultra dazzling, don’t worry, but all at mind-easing below $80 prices, from known designers and brands! Wearing one of these pairs will put a zip in your step, a sparkle in your eye, and a hint of envy in others, when you brave the heat in public.

JEFFREY CAMPBELL - Farrah (Black) - Women's
“Farrah” from Jeffrey Campbell has to be appreciated from up-close. On Zappos’s outstanding website, a “personal” experience is just a click away. Experience the real thing for $65 with their no-risk free shipping and returns. This black flat is embroidered in gold and touched off with a single, centered rhinestone. Walk in comfort, with its adjustable strap and padded footbed.

Especially neat, you should notice, is that the heel strap is only connected by the t-strap. It’s the little details.

Dr. Scholl's - Hula (Green/Natural) - Women's
This sandal is not only from the expertise of Dr. Scholl’s, but it’s fully fabulous in 2005 trends. Quote the publisher, ” Dr. Scholl’s Original comfortable and causal beaded sandal lets you take the island with you! Beadings and sequins add a touch of glam to this woven raffia thong.” This “Hula” comes in great summer shades. All that comes in the nifty price of only $36.

Franco Sarto - Ceylon (Cafe Calf) - Women's

Look superbly designer in this jeweled, luxe calfskin Franco Sarto Ceylon, for the relative steal of $78. There are various reviews on Zappos, and you must be sure to read them before you buy. Even if you’re just going to browse, check them out, they’re stunning just to look at.


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  • 2 Responses to “Summer Sandals to Cool Your Soul”

    Shoe Lover Says:

    $36 bucks, I wouldn’t let my granny get caught dead (well she is already dead, but that is besides the point) in a pair of $36 shoes.

    Cool blog………just starting my own shoe blog…….I’ve got the affliction too…….if my husband only knew!

    Designer Ella Says:

    Except that they’re Dr. Scholl’s, which aren’t poor quality. Shoes are on sale a lot at this point in the season.

    You wouldn’t let your granny wear only $36 on shoes, and your husband doesn’t know about your shoe affliction, yet?

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