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Coach Luxe Wedges

April 19, 2005 at 5:18 pm by Designer Ella

Coach Spring Sandals - Marnie Espadrille Wedge Coach Marnie Espadrille

Coach makes some of the most-Spring-Summer-in styles of sandals. They’re not badly-priced designer shoes. They’re pretty cute, and they’re not ALL cloaked in Signature Cs, if that holds you back. These Marnie Espadrilles ($140) will make your feet and lower legs look like princess’s.

Coach Ladybug Wedge

My favorite (wedge) is the Ladybug Wedge ($200). I’m someone who hates wedges, but these win me over with their cute detailing. They look GREAT on the side view in person.

Not too bad of a shoe section for a handbag designer! I’ll have to keep featuring Coach’s shoes in the future.


Categories : Shoes, Preety Shoe Pics, Designer, Wedges

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